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do it yourself Rainbow door Mat

Painting a rainbow door mat is easier than you think. Just a little spray paint and a diy stencil for the rainbow. 

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do it yourself rainbow door mat
In springtime I DIY my first doormat. I spray painted a colorful striped doormat and loved how it turned out. It was really fun to make and such a colorful addition to the gray cement porch floor. We live in the Pacific Northwest so we have lots of gray days, but a little color here and there can make such a difference. 

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Since I loved the first one so much, I decided to make one more but for the back porch. This time I thought it'd be fun do a arch rainbow. The first time I did it, the colors I initially did were nice, but the blues blended too much. So I repainted the second blue bow a darker blue. 
how to paint a rainbow doormat

Do It Yourself Rainbow Mat

Plain Doormat
Color Shot Door Mat

Step 1: Stencil

Watch the video for a visual example. Grab a dollar store size poster, a string, a pencil, and piece of tape. You want to mark the center of your board. Tie  your string to the pencil and tape your string to the center of the poster. Now make an arc with your pencil.

Decide how many bows you want and draw as many arches as you need and do the math. I did my lines every 2" from each other.

Only cut out the top area of the stencil.

Step 2: Spray

Start with the top bow removing the cut stencil area. Make sure all the doormat is covered so not to get any overs pray on it. Now spray the first top color. Tip, make sure you spray at least 10" from above and try not to spray under the paper.

After that is done, place the top bow piece of paper and put it back on top and cut out the next bow stencil. Keep doing this until the next.

how to spray a rainbow doormat

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