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How to sew a Chewbacca Costume

Making a Chewbacca costume is easier then you think. Using a simple pj pattern for the pants and an simple jacket with easy sleeves. A fun costume for adults or kids. 

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how to sew a chewbacca costume
Last year, my second oldest decided he wanted to be Chewie. We looked at store bought costumes, but, ugh, the price was way to much for the poor quality of the costume. I figured I could get some cheap fake fur and make it for the same price but way better quality.
DIY chewbacca kid costume
I did some planning first. I didn't want to commit to buying all that fabric without knowing if it was actually worth the effort. But since Chewie is big, I figured he costume needed to appear big and baggie on him. I thought that would make it an easier sewing project since I didn't have to worry about it fitting perfectly.
how to make a chewbacca costume for kids
In the end this was actually a much quicker costume then I anticipated from the start.
For the top, I chose not to do fit in sleeves which made it so much easier. Also, I didn't line the jacket or pants. I figured he could wear a long sleeve and long pants under.

Adding a hood was the trickiest, but I followed some tutorials online for making a hood and made his hood big. For the mask, well, I found a plain mask and literally hot glued extra fur to it.
how to sew a chewbacca costume

How to Sew a Chewbacca Costume


Step 1: Cut Jacket Pieces

I got a jacket of my son. I then measured around the arm. I then added a 1/2" seam allowance plus a a few inches. I wanted it to be baggy on his arms. For length, I measure the jacket from shoulder to end and added a few inches. Cut 2 of those rectangles out. 

 I did a big rectangle. I also measured his jacket and added a few inches around each side to make sure it was big enough. Cut TWO back (one will be the front)

Take one of the back rectangles and cut down the middle so you have two front pieces. Then cut a little triangle on top corner down a little. About 4 inches. 

Step 2: Sew shoulders

With right sides together, sew together the shoulders of the back and the front pieces. 
how to sew a fur chewie jacket

Step 3: Sew on Arms

Now open your sewn back and front pieces. so that the right side of fabric is up. (see above) Take one of your arms and place the center of the piece right side on top of the seam of the shoulder. Sew in place. Repeat with other arm. See, no set in sleeves here!! See below with the arms sewn and open up. 
sew on arms on chewbacca

Step 4: Sew up Sides

Now turn your jacket inside out, place the arms together and sew up the arms and sides.

Step 5: hoodie

I did not take any pictures here, but HERE is a great tutorial to follow

Step 6: Add a Zipper

I feel you could leave of the zipper and do snaps instead, but a zipper is easier then you think. 
This tutorial is a good tutorial for adding a separating zipper. But don't bother with top stitching. 

Step 7: Chewbacca Pants

For the pants, I got a PJ pattern to trace the pants pattern with. I added a few inches to the width to make them baggier and I also added a few inches to the bottom. To the top, add some extra fabric on top, you are going to want to fold it over elastic. Then fold over the top and sew and then add the elastic.

Step 8: Bag

For the bag I made envelope bag out of scrap leather. (sorry I didn't take any pictures). For the strap I used faux leather in black and then a skinnier pieces in a contrast color for the top of the strap.

I then measured some card board squares to be the width of the strap. I then wrapped the cardboard in duck tape.

Now I placed them on the black strap and placed the skinnier leather piece, then I marked where the cardboard squares go, every 1/2" apart from each other. Then mark and sew down the skinnier leather, between each square. Then stick each square in place.
star wars chewbacca cosplay diy

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