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How to Sew a Crossbody Bag or hip bag

Sewing with corduroy is really fun and surprisingly soft. This post will teach you how to sew a corduroy fanny bag or a corduroy purse. It's such a quick and fun project that can be used for some many adventures.

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DIY crossbody bag with leather straps
how to sew your own fanny hip bag

After scrunchies reentered the accessory world this past year (and hit hard), I wasn't too surprised to see corduroy at JOANN stores. I mean, why not bring it back. Bring back a little of everything and people have so many fun and different styles to choose from.

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So to be honest, when I first saw fanny packs coming back, I was not on board, but then I saw a corduroy one and I thought, ok maybe. Then I thought, what if it had a purse option as a possible break from the fanny? Ok done.
diy corduory bag sewing tutorial
how to sew a circle bag
I was very pleased to find a good selection of corduroy color. They were all muted colors, but still, enough that I could find my favorites. They had two different types of corduroy, thick and thin. I opted for the thick, because I liked those colors best.

And add a little scrap leather to it and I'm totally sold. (just see all my Leather Projects to know I love leather) I opted not to do the fanny belt strap in leather because of laziness, but I love the look of the leather purse strap so much, I might go back and make a leather strap. But instead of using the belt strap, you can tie a knot in the leather tie and hook it around our waist.
diy corduroy bag
Ok, you ready to make your own? This was a little tricky to write down all the accurate measurements. But hopefully I did all the hard work for you and this will work for you. But please note that this has not been tested by anyone but myself, so there may be flaws. But it is free just for you! I did make a video to hopefully make it easier for you.

how to sew a corduroy bag

How to sew a Corduroy Fanny Bag or a Corduroy Purse


See video here as well
diy corduroy bag supplies

Step 1: Cut Fabric

Download the pattern for the oval. For the strips cut:
2 -  1.25" x 10.5"
1 - 13.5"x 2.5"
2 - main body, download free pattern here
Leather pieces:
cut 2 - 1.5"x.5"
cut 2 - 2.25" 1.25"
cut 1 strap 1/2" measure by length you like for a purse. 
cut out pattern
After you cut your yellow sew your larger two leather pieces to the right side of one of the yellow ovals. Sew on the top and the bottom of rectangles. 
sew belt straps on corduoy

 Step 2: Zipper

Using your zipper foot, sew sides onto zipper (use a 1/4" seam allowance). With right side together add sew one side onto zipper, open sewn side and then with right side together sew on the other side.
sew straps on zippersewing zipper for bag

Step 3: Baste Stitch Leather piece

Put your two small leather pieces through your two mental loops. Then baste stitch them to end of the larger piece of yellow corduroy.
leather strap pieces
how to sew a bag

Step 5: Sew sides

Sew with a 1/2 seam allowance the two smaller yellow pieces. to the ends of the zipper piece. Cut off any of the extra zipper. Then sew the two ends pieces together. See the video for more detailed picture instructions.
sew zipper on circle bag

 Step 5: Attach to main body

Starting on the zipper side, pin carefully around the main body of one of the oval pieces. When you get to the other side, there might be some extra in the fabric, pin it so it fits perfectly on the oval than sew. (see video for detailed instructions). 
how to sew a corduroy bag
With a 1/2" seam allowance sew the first oval side around the whole thing. Then flip over and attach the other side. When doing the oval with the leather loops, make sure those are facing up next to the zipper. 
corduory bag step 6
 Finish the inside seams with a zig zag stitches or a serger. Flip inside out

Step 6: Belt

For the belt, grab your cord and weave it into you buckle pieces. You only need to sew it on the one side. The other side just loop it through and leave it as is. Now put it through the loops and put it on you. Cut the extra webbing, make sure you leave a little extra so it can be made bigger if desired.
sew a strap to fanny back
how to add a strap to fanny bag
how to make a simple fanny pack

Step 7: Leather Purse Strap

For the leather purse strap, measure how long you want your purse to hang on you. An old purse is a good way to know how long you like your strap. Cut it desired length by the size of your clip on purse hook.
how to sew a leather strap for purse
how to sew a fanny pack
how to sew a fanny pack bag
how to sew a simple fanny bag

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