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How to Sew a Little Girl Mermaids Costume

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diy mermaid skirt pattern
With only one daughter with three boys, there was a big chance that my one girl would like the things that they like more than the typical girl things. But I was wrong. While she loves lots of things that they love, she also loves to dress up and princess'. Thus this mermaid fabric from JOANN just called to her and I promised I would make her a mermaid skirt. 
how to make a mermaid skirt little girl
I bought the fabric months ago, but it took me all summer long to finally get started on it. Before I made it, JOANN came out with some glow in the dark glitter tulle and knew I needed to finally make a skirt. The tulle is fun and actually glows really well. The tulle is perfect for the bottom of the tail and adds glitter everywhere she goes.
diy toddler mermaid costume
For the shirt, I did the same thing as I for my bell sleeve dress to make her a shirt. I also added a ruffled top for peplum top shirt. 
how to sew a mermaid costume

How to Sew a Little Girl Mermaids Costume



Step 1: Cut Fabric

I cut measured my daughters waist and then added half of that to have my total amount. For example, her waist is 22" + added 10" and for length I measure it to hit her mid thigh. So I made the fabric piece cut at 32" x 15"
how to cut mermaid fabric step 1

Step 2: Make a casing for elastic

There are two ways:
 A. you can cut another long piece the width of skirt by 2 1/2". You then sew it to the top of the skirt. Then fold over the fabric and sew. Since this is an finished edge, so do need to worry about fraying. 

B. Or just fold over the fabric 1 1/2"  

Now you are going sew it a 1/4" seam allowance
how to make a skirt casing

 Step 3: Ruffle the Tulle

First cut the purple tulle. I did double the skirt width by 6", so 64"x 6". I did three layers for the purple of the tulle. If the tulle isn't wide enough, then sew two together.

For the green tulle, I did 64" x 8"

Now ruffling the tulle: An easy way to ruffle tulle, is to use floss. When you are ready to ruffle it, place the floss near the edge of the tulle and set your zig zag stitch at wide stitch. Carefully start sewing on top of the floss without sewing the floss. Be careful not to pull the floss through as you sew.
how to ruffle tulle with floss
 After sewing, take the floss and pull it through until it is ruffled.
ruffle tulle with floss
 Align it with the bottom of the skirt panel laid out and refit the ruffles to match the mermaid skirt.
add ruffle to mermaid skirt
 Do the same with the green tulle.

Step 4: Sew ruffles to skirt

First place the purple ruffles on top then place the green on right top of mermaid skirt . Then slowly sew it in place. Flips the ruffle down and make sure all is sewn well in place. Then carefully unpick the floss.
sew ruffles to skirt

Step 5: Sew up side

Next place the skirt right side together and sew up the side start right BELOW the band at top.
how to sew a mermaid skirt

 Step 6: Add elastic

Use a safety pin and attach to elastic. Carefully guide it through the casing. When it comes through, sew the elastic through and sew it with a zig zag stitch. Sew the ends of fabric together after finished.
elastic waist skirt little girl
Optional Shirt
For the shirt, I did the same thing I did with the bell dress here but for a little girls version. I also added a little ruffle at the bottom of the shirt. 
diy mermaid costume

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