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Season's Greeting Christmas Gift Tag Printable for Herbs

Giving gifts to friends and neighbors are Christmas can be a wonderful way to spread Christmas cheer. Download these free printable Christmas gift tags below. Perfect to pair with your favorite dried herbs or seasons. 

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Christmas herb gift tag printable free
I love giving neighbor and friends Christmas gifts. It's so fun to come up with unique ideas or simply put together our favorite plate of cookies. It really depends on the mood or time I have that Christmas season. But giving gifts is one of my favorite parts about Christmas. And using printable gift tags can really make it more special. 
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seasons greeting free printable gift tags
One year our rosemary bush was plentiful, so I decided it would go perfect with our friends gift. After making a simple printable Gift tag, found some bottles, it was quite simple to put together. This friend Christmas gift idea could also work for your favorite dried herbs or seasonings. What a better way to share something you love that is really unique. Sometimes, the seasonings at the store is what makes cooking so good, so how about sharing that with friends. 
simple modern christmas gift tags
Also, while your sharing those seasonings with your friends and neighbors, a Christmas gift tag pun is the way to complete the little neighbor Christmas gift. I love a good pun and this one is classy and perfect to go with a seasonings gift. 
seasons greetings herb gift tag printable
You could also add a beautiful Christmas quote to go right along with the neighbor gift. Or write a thoughtful note on the back of the printable Christmas gift tag. Or just keep it simple. Now these Christmas printable gift tags don't have to only be used for herbs, after all Seasons Greetings is a common Christmas phrase. It could be used with any friend Christmas gift. Another fun idea would be to give a live herb plant as a Christmas gift. So many different ways to use this printable seasons greeting gift tag. 

Season's Greeting Christmas Gift Tag Printable for Herbs

Supplies needed to make your own DIY seasonings Christmas gifts:

printable christmas gift tag herb

Step 1: Dry Herbs for Christmas Gift

 First you'll dry the herbs if you're starting with fresh ones. If you have a dehydrator, use that following the instructions it came with. Don't have a dehydrator? No worries! All you have to do is place your herbs on a pan and place them in the oven at the lowest temperature for 2 - 4 hours or until dry.
dried herbs gift for christmas

Step 2: Place Dry Herbs in Jar

 Place your dried herbs inside the jar. If any of the stems are too long, use a pair of scissor to trim them down.

Step 3: Print Christmas Gift Tags

Print the labels using the Season's Greetings Christmas Printable. After you cut out the labels, you'll use the hole punch to create a hole so you can attach the label to the jar.

Step 4: Cut String for Christmas Jar

Finally, cut a length of string and tie the label around the lid of the jar.nd just like that your handmade DIY jar gifts are complete! You could also fill some jars of various sizes with other Christmas goodies.
christmas jar gift with printable gift tag
I think my favorite part is the simple green wreath. I'd love to see how you use it. Tag us on social media if you end up downloading and using for a Christmas gift topper. Do you have a favorite seasoning that you would love the share with a friend?

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