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DIY Rainbow Pumpkin Garland

Make this diy rainbow pumpkin garland to decorate and make your fall holiday more colorful. It's a quick craft that you can make in a short afternoon. 

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diy rainbow pumpkin garland
When fall comes along, it's hard to give up on the color of summer. Fall is still a colorful time though, so why not bring some color into the house with some colorful pumpkin decor. These pumpkins are very easy to make and can be made during a quick movie or afternoon craft time. I must admit, I made these a couple of years ago but now I'm finally getting around to sharing it. 
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It is bright and cheerful over our mantel and keeps the colors of summer in the house. Are you a colorful pumpkin or more of a traditional pumpkin decorator? My kids like traditional, but they like these colorful pumpkins as well. They go great with all the pumpkins I sprayed all different colors. 

DIY Rainbow Pumpkin Garland


Step 1:

There are two ways you can paint the pumpkins, with spray paint or with acrylic craft paints. I tried both methods. The nice thing about spraying is it is quick and pretty simple. What I like about acrylic is there are more color variation options. Pick your colors before you paint them. I decided I wanted semi-muted rainbow colors.
diy colorful painted pumpkins

Step 2:

Now we're going to stain the leaves; this is pretty straight forward. Simply stain it your desired color. I used dark walnut. After it has dried for its allotted time, spray with sealant. 
wood fall leaf decor

Step 3:

Next, drill two holes into the leaves if there aren't already holes there. 

Step 4:

Last decide the order you want your fall shapes to be in and string onto the yarn. Hang up in your house somewhere and enjoy!
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