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How to Sew Mini Stockings a Sewing Tutorial

These mini stockings are so easy to make. Make them with a sewing machine or stitch felt ones by hand. This would be a great Christmas project for kids wanting to learn to sew. 

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Easy diy mini christmas stockings printable
There is something so fun about sewing miniature items that is so satisfying. Plus it's so easy. (Also make sure you check out this awesome round up post of DIY stockings). I've been wanting to incorporate a little more service into our Christmas this year. We usually do a secret service to someone every year, so I thought these mini stockings would be another fun idea that would be perfect for kids.

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mini felt stocking pattern
I tested them out ahead of time so that I could have my kids actually make some themselves. I think it will be a really great beginning sewing lesson for them because it can be done with felt for hand sewing or with any cotton fabric for a very easy sewing machine lesson.  
scrap fabric mini Christmas stocking tutorial
christmas service printable you've been socked
I also made up some really fun and cute You've Been Socked Printables to use with the stockings as a random acts service project. You can download them all as large or small sizes. Such a fun way to bring holiday cheer, especially when it is handmade and full of goodies. I think my kids are super excited to make these.
kindness stocking christmas service
I made videos for both stockings and even have a pattern you can use if desired. There is no lining for the cotton ones so pretty straight forward. 
How to sew mini felt stockings

How to Sew Mini Stockings a Sewing Tutorial 

Various Colors of Linen, Cottons or sweater fabric 
Download free printables and free patten below: 

Christmas Stocking printable You've been Socked

How to Sew Felt Stockings

Step 1: Cut stocking

First, cut out 2 pieces from the stockings pattern. 

Step 2: Stitch top

Fold the top of front and back of stockings down about 1/2" and blanket stitch or do a running stitch in place. 

Step 3: sew together

Place wrongs sides together and blanket stitch stockings together leaving the top open. 

Step 4: 

add a piece of leather, faux leather, ribbon or yarn to top and side of stocking. Simply loop how long you want it to be and you can glue 

How to Sew Mini Scrap Fabric Stockings

Step 1: Cut Pattern

Cut out your pattern by place fabric with wrong sides or right sides together. 

Step 2: Sew

With right sides together, sew around the whole sock, leaving the top open. Fold the top down and top stitch. 

Step 3: tassel

Sew a scrap leather piece or ribbon to the top of side of stocking. Add a tassle if you wish. And you're done. SOOO easy and quick. 

How to sew modern Christmas stockings
mini stocking sewing tutorial

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