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10 things to do with Kids at Christmas

There are so many fun Christmas activities to do with kids this year. There are a few different ones that can be done with different age of kids. 
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Christmas crafts for kids
There are so many different activities out there to do with your kids at Christmas time. Last year I actually started this blog post to keep track of things we have loved the most. I'm finally getting around to publishing it. So, here are 10 Kid Friendly Christmas Activities and Crafts to do this year. What would you add to this list:

10 Kid Friendly Christmas Activities and Crafts

Finger Knitting Christmas Garland

teach kids how to finger knit
My kids are obsessed with finger knitting. I have put that obsession to use for Christmas decor. It's so easy for kids to do and they love doing it. Even my 5 year old can do it. Learn how to finger knit here. 

Popcorn and Cranberry Garland

This is a classic for a reason. It's a fun activity and doubles as snack time. Boom! Kids love to sew and nothing easier to sew together than popcorn and cranberries. With a little supervision, this is such a fun afternoon activity and snack for the littles.

Colored Brown Paper

DIY recyclable brown wrapping paper
Brown paper packages are totally fun to wrap presents, let the little kids prep the paper with crayons or watercolor paint. They will love to personalize it. One thing we did on year with the kids is put some crayons on the paper and gave them a blow dryer. Then (with supervision),we all watched as they melted the crayons on the paper. Find our Melted Crayon Paper here

Cookie Decorating

Another classic idea, but two things to keep it simple. First, you can buy unfrosted cookies at the store. Yep, many stores will care them, just check the bakery. Second, some types of cookies you can decorate before baking them. We like to make gingerbread or sugar cookies and have the kids decorate them with m & m's and candy canes before putting them in the oven

Mini Felt Stockings

hand sewn felt stockings
Get some small pre made mini felt stockings and mini pom poms. Add glue dots all over the stocking and let your little add the pom poms as they like. Or you can help your kids make their own mini stockings. It's such a great sewing activity and it's something kids as little as 4 can do with your help. Go to my Mini Christmas Stockings Tutorial for an easy how to. 

Graham Cracker Gingerbread houses

DIY Graham Cracker Gingerbread houses
Gingerbread houses is a lot of work, make it easier by using graham crackers instead. Sweet Phi Graham Cracker Houses are so cute and has a variety of different store bought cookies to use.  For smaller kids, simply give them one graham cracker, add frosting and let the kids decorate it as a flat cracker.

Popcorn Ornaments

how to make popcorn ornament balls

This is definitely a 'mom do it kids watch' but totally fun for kids. Check out our popcorn balls tutorial here

Orange Slices

dried fruit ornaments with kids
Oranges are in season and another homemade ornament to make with kids are dried orange ornaments. Once the slices are dried, there are big holes in the middle which make it easy for little hands to string. 

Cinnamon Dough 

how to make cinnamon ornament

Cinnamon dough is so easy to make, totally edible and so fun for the kids to play with. When they're done playing, roll it out, cut out little gingerbread men and dry into ornaments. I have done this with my kids for multiple years and it is still all of our favorite Christmas crafts. Find our favorite Cinnamon Dough Recipe here

Inside Snow ball fight

This is probably a favorite in our house, you can make lots of yarn pom pom balls or crinkle up a bunch of paper into balls and you're ready to go. The kids will love it!

Pine Cone Elves

how to make christmas elves
This is more for the older kids, but can be done with younger kids with proper supervision of the hot glue gun. These elves are still some of our kids favorite decoration. 

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

how to make coffee filter snowflakes
I first saw this idea at a science museum of making easy paper snow flakes out of coffee filters. They are thin enough for little hands to cut themselves and are already cut into a circle for easy folding. Little ones as little as 2 can enjoy cutting out shapes. And if you feel really ambitious, give the kids some watercolor or washable markers to color first. Go to One Little Project for an excellent tutorial on making your own. 

Put Together Reindeer Food for Christmas Eve

Print off Reindeer Food printables and get some bird seed to give as gifts to neighbors and friends for a perfect Christmas eve gift. 

kid friendly christmas activities crafts

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