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Faux Knit Christmas Tree Skirt

Follow this tutorial to make your own faux knit Christmas tree skirt. Secret, no actual knitting needed, you just need to learn how to braid and hot glue. 

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how to make a knit Christmas tree skirt

There is something so comfy about chunky yarn that just screams comfy and hyggee. When winter comes around, I want all the sweatshirts and chunky yarn. In the past couple years I have discovered working with chunky yarn and love how soft and warm it is. Like this chunky scarf that I made a few years ago, and last year I made a chunky crocheted pillowcase that I bring out in the winter time.

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how to make a crocheted Christmas Tree Skirt
I found some amazing thick yarn at JOANN and knew I had to make something with it. I thought about a floor rug, and
then I saw this chunky yarn knit tree skirt made by Jojotastic and I knew what to make.
read around the Christmas Tree
However, after making mine I thought that we could use this as a reading mat throughout the year as well as a Christmas tree
skirt. My kids love reading in the corner with a blanket, so this seems like a perfect use for the tree skirt as well. I imagine in my mind my kids reading books under the tree with the lights shining on the pages. Can you tell I have magical hopes for this tree skirt.
how to knit a Christmas tree skirt
I did mine a little different then Jo. My yarn isn’t quite as thick as hers and I wrapped mine around the skirt to make it look more knitted. And it goes great with my rustic, country tree.
add photos to Christmas tree
This tutorial is simple to follow; you can make your own easy tree skirt base or use an old one or buy a very simple one. If you can braid, then this is easy to do. I thought about actually crocheting a chain, but I decided to simply just braid three strands together. I liked the look of that best. I did it in rows to make it look more like knitting.

How to Make a Faux Knit Christmas Tree Skirt

*Follow the video for visual steps. 

Step 1: Make Tree Skirt

You want a square, so measure the width of the fabric and cut the extra to be the same width. Now to cut it into a easy circle, fold the fabric in half and then fold lengthwise again. You will have a square now. Grab a pencil and a string. Tape the string to the corner where the fabric is folded. Make the string as long from edge to edge, then wrap a pencil around it and make an arc on the raw edge side and draw an arc. This is where you will cut it to make the whole fabric into one big skirt. 

Next, you’ll do the same thing for the inner circle. However, measure 18” on the corner where all the fabric was folded together. Then draw an arc with a pencil. Now you will cut out the corner.

Open your canvas tree skirt and cut it down from edge to the middle of the circle. 

Step 2: Braid Yarn

Taking three skeins of chunky yarn, start braiding them together. As you go, place on your tree skirt around in a circle back and forth to see if you have enough. Keep braiding until all the skirt is covered. If you run out of any of the yarn, you might need to start a new braid. I didn’t want to buy three more skeins, so I cut some really long pieces of yarn from the skein to try to guesstimate how much I might need and then braided a new braid. 

Step 3: Hot Glue 

When you have finished your braiding, it’s then time to glue it on to the mat. Starting at the middle of the skirt, where you cut it down the middle, and glue an end of the braid. Place the braid around the edge of the middle circle. When you get to the other edge then loop the braid back around the way you came. Now repeat until you fill the whole skirt. Make sure you use lots of hot glue to make sure to keep the yarn in place. 
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