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Colorful Valentine Day Heart String Art Tutorial

This colorful Valentine Day Heart String Art tutorial is easy to do and fun to use for valentines day or leave up all year long. It's even a great kid craft project. 
DIY heart string art
In case you don't remember, I really got into string art a couple of years ago. Ok, I've only did like 4 different projects (I've only shared 2 of them on here - I have yet to share my string at growth chart).

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I made this one for my Mom. She is the symbol to me of hearts. Besides the fact that she loves hearts, she is loving and kind and everything a heart represents. She also goes by Grandma Sweetheart. Although I did this myself, I think this would actually be an easy kid craft project. 
Valentine heart string art tutorial

Colorful Valentine Day Heart String Art Tutorial

  • Unfinished Wood Piece or a Wood Wall Panel
  • Embroidery String
  • Paint

what to buy for string artStep 1

First, paint your wood canvas your choice color. After it dries, tape the heart design onto the canvas. Now draw dots on your heart about 1/4- 1/2 inch apart. This will give you a rough idea where to nail your nails. After you got your dots placed, nail in the nails into the wood. Because of the thinness of the canvas wood, this is much easier to nail than a regular piece of wood. The nails will go through your wood, but because it is protected by wood on the sides, the wood will not touch the wall.

string art step by step tutorialStep 2

Once your nails are in place. Remove the paper before you add the string. Pick out your colors and see below how to string it on. Start by tying the string onto the center nail at the top of the heart. Start looping your nails as illustrated. Do this twice over the whole heart. Repeat for the rest of the hearts. Another option you can do is just randomly string the string all over the heart.
how to do a heart string artAnd there you have it! Such a fun craft project and an easy DIY gift.

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