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DIY Faux Leather Heart Purse & How to Cut Leather with Cameo 4

This DIY Faux Leather Heart Purse is easy to do. You can cut the faux leather with scissors or use your cutting machine! Either way, it's a quick project and a great for beginners. 

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how to sew faux leather purses
I have a thing for leather (see ALL past leather projects here). Not in the way that you'll see me wearing leather head to toe or that my furniture is all covered in leather, not like that. But I love the little details of leather. I love the finishing touch it can add to a project or to a room.

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diy faux leather purse
So, you can see I like leather and faux leather. I'm always trying to think of more things I can use leather for. I've had this colorful faux leather for so long and have used it for multiple projects. I'm so happy to find another use for it. It's so fun and colorful. 
diy heart purse
Since I made my daughter that strawberry purse last year, which she wears all the time, I had the idea of making her a heart one. I ended up making her two, one for her and one for a friend. For this project, I used the new Silhouette Cameo 4. 
leather heart coin purses
Since this was my first time using the rotary blade, I had to test cutting the faux leather a few times before I got it just right. But when I did get all the setting right, it cut really nicely and had smooth cuts. I did notice that the smaller hearts had a harder time being cut than the bigger, but it was a minor difference. 

how to make a heart purse
diy faux leather heart purse

 DIY Faux Leather Heart Purse and How to Cut Leather with Cameo 4


how to cut leather with cameo 4

Step 1: cut hearts

If you are going to do it with out a machine, simply print out a heart pattern and trace the heart onto the faux leather and then cut. 

With the Cameo 4:
 trace your heart and go to send to get ready to cut. Make sure your machine is plugged in. For tool 1 make sure it says no cut. Then click the triangle for tool 2 and select leatherette. Make sure you click on your design in the work space so it knows to cut that design for tool 2. If it is selected correctly, you'll see it highlighted in blue with extra curves. Those curves are for tool rotary blade to turn. Make sure it doesn't overlap with a different design.  

Cameo 4 Cut Settings for faux leather: I tried the settings for leatherette, but it just wasn't enough for the thickness of my faux leather, but I made the setting at force 22 and that worked perfect. But you should test it before you do your actual cut. 

*Also, I highly recommend getting a strong mat for the fabric or faux leather. It will help keep the leather in place so it doesn't slide around when being cut. 
how to cut leather with cameo 4
cutting faux leather cameo 4cutting leather on cameo 4

Step 2: Sew the Top of the Hearts

Before you sew your hearts together, you want to top stitch the top of both sides of the hearts. DO NOT sew them together, you're really just sewing the top to give it a cohesive look

Step 3: Sew together

Now place hearts wrong sides together and sew where you left off at the top.

 *sewing with faux leather tip:

if have a hard time sewing your faux leather, place a piece of scotch tape on the bottom of your sewing foot to help it move smoother. Also, increase your stitch length.  
sew leather hearts together
Step 4: Punch holes 
Using a leather punch tool and hammer in eyelets.
how to punch holes in leather
how to add eyelets to leather

Step 5: Cut leather straps

cut some leather scraps into straps or you can buy leather string from the craft store. Tie it onto the purse.
how to cut leather into strings
Ah I just love this detail!!
how to cut leather with cameo 4
how to sew girl purse
how to sew heart coin purse
How to cut with faux leather with cameo 4

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