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Easy See Through I Spy Slime Recipe without Borax

 Slime is such a fun and favorite activity for kids. They love feeling and touching and slime is a great activity for them to play in. 
diy i spy slime
This has been a very interesting year for everyone. I think everyone will remember what they did when everything got canceled because of COVID-19. For us, we were already homeschooling so the biggest impact for us was not seeing friends and having extra-curricular activities canceled. 

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But, it's also been nice just taking our time at school and playing without having to rush from place to place. Since we are still continuing our school schedule, we spend the early afternoon doing craft or science projects. Since we have extra time to do that with music and other activities canceled. 
making slime without borax
This slime recipe is a favorite, but it's messy. I will not say this is the best recipe out there, it's just a recipe that doesn't have borax and uses contact solution. We use it because I always have contact solution on hand. There are so many recipes out there, so here is another one to add to the list
see through slime recipe without borax

Easy See Through I Spy Slime Recipe without Borax 

Step 1:

First, empty the whole bottle of glue into a bowl.

slime tutorial 1Step 2 :

Next add your baking soda and mix it in.
slime tutorial 2
slime tutorial 3

Step 3:

Then add your contact solution and mix in well.
slime tutorial 4
slime tutorial 4

Step 4:

Finally add your beads and animals and dig in with your hands. Mix until it's a nice ball of slime. If it feels too sticky then add a tiny bit of contact solution until it isn't.
clear slime recipe
My kids thought it was so fun to find the animals, dig them out and then put them back in the slime. After they were done playing with it (which was literally an hour later) we put it in a container to play with it another day. And they have been playing with it often since then. Even my 2 year old loves to play with it.

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