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Nature Party: How to Paint Nature Scenes On Wood Using Paint Pens

Painting with paint pens is so easy and really fun! No big mess to clean up and is fun to bring nature scenes to life on wood. 

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I recently got tried for the first time using a paint pen on this Floral Wall and now on these cute pencil boxes. It was the best thing ever to not have to worry about a paint brush and a cup of water. It just flowed out as I needed it. Seriously, I'm obsessed!

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I did a simple decor using their pencil holders, pine cones and branches, and of course some yummy snacks. Because a party isn't a party without food! Needless to say, the kids loved and thought the impromptu party was very fun, even if it was just us. But, just us is actually a good party size. 
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When I painted these, I had so much fun doing different nature themes. I bought 20 ways to draw Everything  Nature Themes for my kiddos, but I use it as much as them. It's so fun and the examples are fairly easy. All my kiddos love to draw out of it. 
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how to paint nature scenes on wood
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Nature Party: How to Paint Nature Scenes on Wood Using Paint Pens

  • Unfinished Wood Containers - Similar 
  • Paint Pens - I recommend a Color Shot and Sharpie
  • 20 Ways to Draw Everything and How to Draw Almost Everything this Book other inspiration

Step 1: Stain (optional)

Stain your unfinished wood and seal it. Totally optional, you can always paint on the unfinished wood, but white probably won't turn out so well.

Step 2: Sketch

I always sketch on my Ipad or paper first before I paint. This makes sure I can actually draw the nature picture I want to draw. Then, if you don't feel super confident and replicate it, do a light sketch with a pencil on the wood box.

Step 3: Paint

Shake those paint pens really well and on scrap paper or wood, press the pen tip until paint comes out. As soon as you see some paint, start painting your scene on the wood. It dries pretty quick. Keep painting as many sides as you want. My kids like rotating the sides of the boxes.

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And if you want a little pop of color, paint on the edge of the box on top. And you're done. 
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