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Cricut Joy: Make Your Own Stickers With Criut

Learn how to easily cut vinyl stickers using your water bottle using the new Cricut Joy. It's easy for anyone to use, even those who are crafty. 
how to cut vinyl stickers for your water bottle
Havalah's sister, Sierra here again! Did you miss me?? ( ;

 Do you love stickers? Is your water bottle covered with the perfect curated stickers? Then look no further! The Cricut Joy is perfect for making stickers to your hearts desires and so much more. But the best thing about it - the size and convenience. It is no bigger than a large loaf of bread and you can do all the work from your phone. 
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diy water bottle stickers with cricut
We made these family stickers on our first try. The "RR" stands for Roundy Rangers (we love hiking and all things outdoors). Simply saved the jpeg to our phone, uploaded it to the Cricut Design app and before we knew it it was printing!
how to cut your own stickers cricut joy
We also tried our hand out homemade cards and I couldn't believe how easy it was. And this is coming from me - if it takes longer than 5-10 minutes I probably won't do it.

I'm a huge fan of this product and coming from me that means a lot. I haven't once complained about how much space it takes up, I didn't complain about how long it took, and I even did half of it myself. If all that is true about a product it must be pretty awesome.
water bottle stickers with cricut joy

Cricut Joy: Make Your Own Stickers With Cricut


Step 1: Design

This was super simple. A friend did our design and sent it to me as a jpeg which we just then uploaded into the app and printed from there. 
how to cut stickers with a cricut

Step 2: Cut Design

Place the vinyl on the mat and insert it into the Cricut Joy and then hit go!

Step 3: Place design on surface

Just like any old vinyl placing. Grab some transfer tape and place it on top of the vinyl. Pull off the parts you want and place on surface. Boom you're done!

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