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How to Make a Felt Pencil Case Easy Sewing tutorial

Learn how to make this felt pencil case. It is the perfect beginner sewing lesson to help with sewing straight lines. The project is quick and perfect for kids to do! Also check out these other beginner sewing projects. 

how to make a pencil roll
If you like to sew, you make like this floral sewing machine sticker:
Today I'm excited to start a fun series here on the blog, Handicrafts!! Since I started homeschooling my kids a couple years ago, I've come across the home school philosophy of Charlotte Mason. She has many great ideas, but the one I appreciate a lot is her emphasis on the importance of handicrafts. 

handicraft projects charlotte mason

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What is a handicraft exactly??
"A handicraft, sometimes more precisely expressed as artisanal handicraft or handmade, is any of a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools"
Obviously, handicrafts spoke to my soul. I already encourage my kids in creative endeavors, but I really wanted to dig in more and be more thoughtful and purposeful in what I taught them. I want them to learn to sew, hand sew, paint, build with wood, weave, work with clay, etc. All things to give them a good basis and appreciations for making things by hand. Such handicrafts used to be a necessity for many at one point, but now it is just a hobby. But, I want my kids to learn the basic of those skills so that they can appreciate the skill they are learning and to teach them patience as they slow down to learn  those skills.

A few years ago I shared the importance of creating, and how it is part of who we are as children of God and can help us be happy. Heavenly Father created us to be just like him and he did the greatest act by creating us. We are here to become like him one day, and being creative in whatever way we can is one way we can do so!
how to make a pencil case
Now back to my handicraft series. I hope I can do this regularly by creating one project based on different creative principles every month. But, I will do my best. My first project for this series is this very simple felt pencil case. I made this with my 9 year old son in December and decided this would be a great starting project for sewing. With this project, it will help teach marking and sewing straight lines. 
how to sew a pencil case
This pencil case is very simple to make and makes for a great gift for a child or an adult. There are two different closure ideas that you can use. A stud button or simply wrapping leather cords around. 
diy pencil sewing case

How to Make a Felt Pencil Case Easy Sewing Tutorial

Skill Learned: Cutting straight lines, marking, and sewing in straight lines. 


Step 1: Cut Felt and Leather

You need two pieces of felt:
1 - 15"x 12"
1 (optional contrasting color) - 5"x15"
For stud button closure: Make leather width of felt by 1"
For long wrap around leather cords: cut cord (or use precut leather cord) to be twice as wide as felt by 1/4"width
felt pencil roll fabric

Step 2: Measure and Pin

starting on the side, measure and mark with pins each pin 3/4  apart from each other. *note, I wanted there to be a pocket for a note book, so if you want that as well, start 1" ar in from the left side to leave a large gap for the notebook.

Then using a ruler draw lines using your fabric marker. Press really hard to get those marks really well. 
step 2 measure pencil case

Step 3: Sew lines

Now, this is why the lines are important. They will be a guide as you sew. When you're ready, sew down those lines one at a time.

Step 4: Sew outer edges

Now you are going to sew the sides and bottom up. See visual image below.
step 4 sewing felt together

Step 5: Sew Leather Closure

Now we're going to sew on leather closure. Flip over and you are going to find the closest  sewn line to the middle of the pencil roll. Place the leather pieces almost to the top of the sewn lines. Before sewing it, gently flip the whole thing over and test how the leather will look. Once you're happy, sew it in place so that the sewn leather lines up with a middle sewn line on felt. See image below for visual.
sew a pencil case

Step 6: Adding Stud Button

If adding stud button, decide where you want it to be. Punch a whole using a leather hole punch. Screw the stud in. Cut a hole in the overlap leather where the stud will go in (see video for clear visual instruction).
add studd to sewing case
And that's it!! Please share your finished project with me if you decide to make it! I love seeing what others make!

how to make a felt pencil casediy art case

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