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How to Paint a Floral Mural with a Projector

Learn how to paint your own floral wall mural using a projector or a large paper. Included is a free floral digital design at end of post. 

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how to draw flowers on wall
If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I have discovered a new passion, painting on the walls!! All those times my mom wouldn't let me draw on the walls, I finally have my own walls to do it on ;) ;) haha. Actually, my mom did let me paint on my walls, when I was old enough to have a clear vision. She let me do whatever I wanted to my room and for that I'm so grateful. She gave me so much creative space to grow. 

In case you missed this you must check it out:

modern bathroom flowers
My first floral mural was in our master bathroom. I was inspired by Craftberry Bush blog and just had to try it myself. It TOOK me months of working up the courage before I did it. But it turned out so much better and easier then I thought.  
hand painted flowers on wall
After I did that one, I worked up the courage to do another one in the kitchen. This time I was inspired by AllikDesign. She is amazing and I love her books. For this wall, I did not use a project. I used a long roll of butcher paper and drew out my design and then hand drew it on the wall. It was really tricky but worked. 

 This year I've been so inspired and motivated to do one more floral one. The front door was the perfect spot for it. There wasn't much going on there. This time I did an arch and decided to keep the design to a simple three flower design.
how to draw modern flowers
how to paint modern florals
how to paint a floral mural with a projector

 How To Paint a Floral Mural With a Projector


  • Books:
  • Projector ( borrowed one from a friend - so check with a friend first)
  • Paint marker water or acrylic based (important that it's acrylic so it can be easily painted over.
  • Download for free my 3 Flowers Digital Design

how to draw flower books

Step 1: Draw your design. 

Grab a book from the library or buy one I recommended above OR scour the internet and instagram until you find your inspiration. Whatever it takes. Start drawing. Draw variations of what you think would like to see and what flower arrangements you like. This is a fun and trial and error stage.

* If you are doing it all on paper to be scanned, make sure you use a black sharpie marker over the pencil marks so it shows up better. 

* If you don't want to draw your own and like my flowers, you can download those and skip this step. 

Step 2: Visualize your design

Now, I admit, I do have an Ipad so I was able to draw these designs directly on to my wall. HOWEVER, if you have any photoshop program, you can get an idea of what it will look like there as well. BUT, my first wall in the bathroom, I actually just used a large butcher sheet of paper and did some rough sketches and then taped the paper to the wall to get an idea. 

Using Photoshop:
IF you have a photo program and know how erase. Scan your drawn our design onto your computer. Boost the contrast and make the image brighter. Now take a picture of your wall and upload it into your photo program. Now open your design. Copy it onto your wall. Now get click the eraser and erase much of the white space away around your flowers. If you want to, you can also around inside the flower (just don't erase the lines). There are other ways to to do this, but this is just one simple way. 

Now since I wanted an arch, I would make an arch with shapes tools in photoshop and then put the flowers on top. But, make sure your arch isn't a dark color so you can see the flower lines come through. 

Does this make sense?  Please comment and ask questions or message me on instagram, I'm pretty quick to respond there. 

Both examples are what I did on my ipad, but the idea works the same with using a photo program. It just requires different tools and might not look as digitized as mine. The idea for this exercise is to get a visual of what you want. 
paint flowers with procreatemodern flowers with ipad

Ipad with Apple Pencil:
Take a picture of your space and start drawing on it. 
modern floral designs

Step 3: Paint under colors

For my bathroom, I used a paint brush for the black and didn't do any under color, so that was a quick project to do in about 1 hour
diy painted arch mural
For the kitchen and front entry, I had to paint the color block and the green arch before doing anything else. I decided to paint the light switch and the outlets as well as the floor board. Kind of keeps it all seamless. 
use a projector to paint a wall

Step 4: Painting Florals on Wall

Now it's time to start painting the flower murals. I hooked up the projector to my computer and opened the floral design. However, I had to move the projector to the right position before I got it just where I wanted the design to be. If you look closely you can see books under it. I was only able to do half of the image on the wall at a time, so I started there. And then I readjusted the image and finished the top. 

For the wall, I wanted the color to match the arch so I ended up using a paint brush and to do those florals outside the arch. 
how to paint with a projectordiy mural with projector
Ok that is basically it. I hope that was helpful. Please, please feel free to comment or message me for further questions. I'll do my best to answer any questions.
how to paint flowers on a wall

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