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Leather Towel Holder for Kitchen or Bathroom

This leather towel holder is the best solution to towels falling down when you're kids use them. It's easy to make under a half hour. Just need some leather scraps. 

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how to keep towel on oven handle
If you're kids are like mine, then this will come as a saving grace. No more towels on the ground!! Seriously, this was the best idea I came up with last year. I've been even more grateful for this spring now that my kids are washing their hands twice as much thanks to Covid. The towels are usually soaked (which means their washing and drying) but they are not on the ground. It's the little things that make me so happy. 
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The great thing about this leather towel holder is that it literally took me about 10 minutes to make. 10 minutes that's it!! The snaps were so worth the investment and the leather holds up well to the wetness that can come on it from wet hands. Everyone should make these if you have kids!!!
diy bathroom towel hanger

Supplies needed to make your own DIY Kitchen Towel Holder:

leather towel hanger supplies

Step 1: Measure

 Start by wrapping a measuring tape around your towel while it's hanging on the rack or oven. Next, cut your leather by that length with a width of 1-1/2" or wider. It's your personal preference. 

Step 2. 

Using the leather punch tools, punch holes into both ends of leather.

Step 3. 

Insert snaps into the leather following the instructions on the packaging. Make sure you select the different ends that are needed to snap together in the right place on either side of leather.

And that's it! You are ready to go hang your towels! Such an easy solution to a frustrating problem. These DIY kitchen towel hangers would also make great gifts to family members or friends who have kids. They're quick to make and look really cute. If you want, you could even sew some fabric up and use fabric instead of leather. Also, faux leather works for this project as well. Leather comes in all different colors so pick a color that matches your bathroom or kitchen - the good news is there are lots of options!
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