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Sidewalk Chalk Art with Painters Tape

Use painters tape to create a mosaic or other art design. Fun for kids and adults.

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color with sidewalk chalk
I feel like for this post, the pictures say everything. I saw this idea on a friends facebook page and just knew my kids would love it. Painters tape is so fun for art, but I never thought about using it for the sidewalk! Now it didn't stick nearly as well as I would have liked, but it was just enough for the kids to color on top and have the design stay. Chalk has been our favorite thing to do since the sun has come out and since Covid-19 quarantine.  

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I helped get the first design started, but once my kids got the gist of the painters tape, they took over themselves. Unfortunately, they kids loved doing this so much that it used a lot of chalk and now I need to buy more :)
sidewalk chalk designs
diy sidewalk chalk design
Ok so 

How to Make Sidewalk Chalk Art with Painters Tape

use tape for sidewalk chalk

Step 1: Tape 

Tape your tape on the sidewalk. Be careful not to pull it up as you tape your design. I recommend taping the ends on other ends of tape so the tape connects. 

diy sidewalk chalk mosaics

Step 2: COLOR

Obviously this is the next step. My tips for a most vibrant drawing is to really add lots of chalk to each taped in section. I didn't think about this, it was my boys who ended up using lots of chalk and laying the colors in thick. But it turned out so cool and the colors were really vibrant. The art was fun too!

sidewalk chalk art with painters tape

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