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10+ Wooden Toys to Make

A roundup of diy wooden toys and projects for kids to make. A fun way to get kids started and excited about working with wood. 
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10 wooden toys for kids to make

I've recently did a wood crafting day with the kids as part of the Handicraft series and had so much fun coming up with more ideas we could do in the future. I think working with wood with kids can make people hesitant, even for me. But these are all so fun and easy to do for many ages. 
diy wood house play blocks

How to Make Waldorf-Inspired Nature Building Blocks for Children: DIY Toy Tutorial
These Blocks from Nature are so fun and aren't about actually building, but more playing
We made these Wooden Houses and other wooden toys with scrap wood. The kids loved it!

DIY tree house for small world play featuring DIY fairy furniture, fences, trees, bridges and ladders! Perfect for Waldorf, Reggio inspired play using chopping boards and cutting boards from Kmart and IKEA. Play hacks for children!
My kids would love to do DIY Tree House. 
Mer Mag | Stacking House Blocks
And these Stacking Blocks from Mermag are so cute!!
diy wood play cake
This wood cake I made for my daughters last birthday. It was such a fun project!

wood house blocks
These Wood Burned Blocks Houses are amazing!!
Easy Kid Friendly DIY Geo-board would be fun for kids to make. 
painted jenga blocks
Another non-building Wooden Toy, but these Marble Painted Jenga Blocks are still so colorful and fun to build with and the kids can pain them themselves. 

What to include in a wood working set for kids - put together your own set and add some of these unusual items for lots of construction and creativity
Picklebums put together what to put in a woodworking set for kids. What a fun idea!

diy wooden robot
This wooden robot is so fun with the loose limbs

Self Portraits using Loose Parts ~ made with scrap wood, old washers, nuts and bolts
These Wood Self Portraits would be really fun and easy for most kids to do

These little tinker robots were made for a robot party, so cute and little!
How to build a simple catapult your kids will love ~ outdoor fun
Oh these Wood Catapults would be a blast for kids during the summer!

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