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DIY Envelope Pouch Easy Sewing Tutorial

This DIY envelope pouch easy sewing tutorial is fun and perfect as a quick afternoon sewing projects or great for kids and beginners. 
diy envelope clutch sewing pattern
My kids love their bandaids, if they have the smallest scrape, they ask for a band aid. We keep our first aid kit too high for them, not on purpose, just where it happens to have fit. Plus, I suppose I don't want them going through everything in that box. So I thought I just need something small that can hold band aids, that's all they want anyway. 

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I thus came up with this very easy envelope pouch. It has a snap to hold the band aids in and it was a very, very quick sew. 

DIY Snap Pouch Easy Sewing Tutorial

Band-Aid Pouch Tutorial Supplies:

Step 1. Cut fabric.

First cut out two pieces of 11 x 7" contrasting fabric. You then want to fold in half and mark the center of the fabric. Now measure down on edge 1 1/2" and then draw a line from their up to the center that you marked. Cut on each side so that you have a house like shape in your fabric. As seen below. Do to both fabric pieces.

Step 2. Sew.

Place those two pieces of fabric right side together. Sew around the whole piece leaving a 3" gap open. After turn right side out. Top stitch around the whole thing.

Step 3. Snaps.

Now we're going to add snaps. Mark where you want the snaps on the top where the triangle is and add the snap per instructions on package. Then fold up your pouch to where you want it to be finally sewn. Just until it looks right. Then mark where you want the other end of the snap to go. Make sure you have the opposite end of snap. Place snap.
easy sewing bag

Step 4. Final sewing.

Now that your snaps are in place, stitch the sides up on top of the top stitching. And you're done.This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Sisters, What!

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