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DIY House Number Sign and Colorful Hello Sign

Brighten up your front porch with a diy modern, colorful number sign and a hello sign. It's easier than you think. 
how to make a modern house number sign
We recently repainted our house and it turned out whiter than we expected. In fact, when it's cloudy the house matches perfectly. But, we are happy with it. But to add some more cheer to it and it's white like a canvas, I decided we needed some colorful signs. I had this idea to make this white house more colorful with a house number sign. 

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hello sign for front door
I then wanted to make a new hello sign. I love my hexagon sign, but I wanted something to match my number and this striped hello sign came to mind. It was fairly easy to make and goes so nice next to the yellow front door and DIY floral wreath.
hello wood sign decor diy
diy modern number sign
how to make a house number sign

DIY House Number Sign and Colorful Hello Sign


Step 1: Stain Wood and Plan Design

I decided to make my back drop a stained color. Before I painted, I designed my painting on my ipad. Now, you could easily just do this on paper. I was actually going to do the back side of the wood to test it out, but then I forgot and it turned out how I liked it. 

Step 2: Paint Flowers 

When I was ready, I sketched my design and then painted the color blocks. This was fairly easy to do and kind of looked cool just as this. 

Step 3: Add White Lines

Now it's time to add the white lines. I used an acrylic paint pen for this. This part will bring out the flower for what it is. It is amazing the transformation! After you're done, make sure to add some polyacrylic sealant. I did two coats to make sure it covered it well. 

Step 4: Add numbers

Follow the directions to add the numbers and you're done. 
how to make a number sign
DIY house number sign
how to make a hello sign for house

Hello Number Sign

Cut out your vinyl hello stencil. Decided what design you want and then paint on it. I decided to add white lines to add depth and bring out the hello and lines. That's pretty much it!

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