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Free Printable Home School Planner

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    Since I started on this home schooling journey two years ago, I have learned so much. There had been ups and downs, trying this and trying that. I've learned a few things, picked pieces of certain methods and I feel like I'm getting closer to finding what works for us. 

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     I was home schooled up until high school, and have since realized that my parents created for us a home and a life style of learning. Learning was part of our life, both during school time and after. I decided to send my oldest to school, but I always felt it wasn't quite right with our own family lifestyle. We loved being outdoors and going out to learn things. School for my oldest suffocated a lot of that freedom to go and learn. Just after two years my oldest pushed me to home schooled him so we took the plunge. We don't plan on going back to public schools anytime soon.  
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    It was a year after home schooling that I finally read more into Charlotte Mason and her Philosophy of Education. I loved what Charlotte Mason said about education as being "an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life." I wanted that for my family. I wanted things to also be simple and well balanced. I wanted to give them a feast of learning and to feed the growing curiosity without restraining them. She believed that children are born persons and should be treated that way. 

    While I don't follow Charlotte Mason Philosophy completely, I do enjoy her simplicity and the use of living books versus a curriculum. I think most home schoolers depend on books to go with their curriculum, but I love the idea of mostly using books instead of a text or workbook. My kids like it better too. While a couple of my kiddos love doing work sheets and such, they all learn so much better from experience and from books. I think most of us do actually. 
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Today I'm sharing some planning printables I made at the end of the June this year. I was hoping to get a head start in my planning process at the beginning of summer, but that didn't quite happen. While I actually didn't get to planning until now, I'm glad to have these printables to help me out and I'm sharing them with you now. I have some with the months and by subject. But you can really keep it simple and just print out one blank page and fill it in as you like. 
free subjects planner charlotte mason
My friend at Simple Wonders also made some beautiful printable teacher subject planners that go beautifully with Charlotte Mason or without. It's under her forms curriculum downloads. I'll be using her template as well. I find that I don't actually refer to my planning sheets as much as I think I will, but I like being over prepared before starting. Also, I must add, Simple Wonders has inspired and taught me so much about creating a beautiful education for our children. Please go read her blog. So many good things. 
charlotte mason home school planner free
I also have in the downloads some book logs and recording sheets. My kids have been using these this summer and I love that they have a simple place to keep track of their books. 

Free Printable Home School Planner

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home school subjects planner free printable
free printable home school planner

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