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DIY Quilting Tools Sewing Ornament

Making homemade ornaments are a fun way to personalize a Christmas tree or add to a top of a gift. Make a special quilting tool Christmas ornament or keychain for that sewing friend in your life. It's easy to make the sewing ornament or sewing keychain using shrink plastic!

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DIY quilting ornament. Perfect sewing gift for a friend who loves quiltint or sewing #sewing #quilting #sewingornament
I found some of our old shrink plastic paper year this fall and my kids have become obsessed. They have made so many keychains and other small plastic things in such a short amount of time. 

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During one of those obsessed days, I was upstairs sewing and using my quilting ruler and had this brilliant idea to make some quilting tools ornaments! I found a picture online and printed it off as my template and went to work. It was fun painting and coloring them. But the best part was watching it shrink. That's will always be my favorite part of shrink plastic. It's so amazing how it starts as this bigger flimsy paper and shrinks down to a much smaller size, sturdy plastic. Amazing!
DIY quilting keychain for quilter in your life.
I figured these would make really cute ornaments or as a cute little handmade gift as a quilters keychain. Really perfect for that quilting friend in your life! 
diy quilters sewing ornament

DIY Quilting Tools Sewing Ornament


Step 1: Sand Shrink Plastic

If you got sanded Shrink plastic, then skip this step. If it's unsanded, then you are going to want to sand it with a any type of sandpaper. This helps the paint, pencil or marker adhere better. 

how to sand shrink plastic

Step 2: Tape plastic onto stencil

To keep your shrink plastic from moving, tape it onto your stencil. Download the image below by right clicking it and print it out. 

how to make shrink plastic keychains

Step 3: Color! 

Now the fun part, start coloring your design. Do the base color first. If using watercolor paints, let dry first before doing the lines. Use a black pencil or fine tip sharpie for the lines and numbers. Also, please note that colors will become denser when it shrinks. Again amazing!
how to use watercolor on shrink plastic

Step 4: Punch holes and shrink

Punch holes, this is so important! You must punch holes before shrinking. Decide where you want your holes to be and punch. Then cook at 350 for about 5-10 minutes, until done curling and shrinking. 

This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Sisters, What!

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