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How to Finger Knit A Garland

Finger knitting is so fun and easy to do. Learn how to finger knit a garland and use it for Christmas decorations or use any color for any type of party decorations. Finger knitting is a great handicraft to teach kids. 

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how to finger knit a christmas garland
It's been a while since I've shared a handicraft post to do with kids. It's been a while since we've done finger knitting, but after a quick trip to the JOANN for some chunky yarn the kids have been back at it. They each picked out their own color and have been finger knitting non-stop! (keep going to find a video tutorial)
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simple homemade christmas garland
I was surprised by how easy it was for even my 5 year old to do. She picked up super fast and has made just as many garland strands as her brothers. I'm also excited because it's one of those crafts that they kids can make that look really good. It's often a things that when kids craft, it looks like a kid did it. Which is totally fine because they're learning. But my kids loved that when they were done that it looked much more polished than other things they are still learning how to do. I think that's a great confident boost for them. 
easy finger knitted christmas decor
However, what do you do with all these strands if you don't want to just have snakes or garlands all over your house? I have found a couple great books with projects to turn those finger knitting ropes into something more:

Finger Knitting Books:

finger knitting with kids

How to Finger Knit a Garland:


Chunky Yarn or THIS Velvet Yarn ( it's amazingly soft) - You can use any yarn, but we liked the look of the chunky yarn best for a garland. 
Finger ;)

finger knitted christmas decorations
crocheting christmas decoration

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