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diy fresh rosemary wreaths for Christmas

Simplicity is easy to do for Christmas decoration. Using rosemary or other natural greenery to make very easy and classic wreaths. Learn how to make natural greenery wreaths with Rosemary or any other extra greenery. 

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diy mini rosemary wreaths
A few years ago my rosemary plant was out of control. I gave it a very thorough haircut and had so much left. I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away, but since it was Christmas I had the thought of making small wreaths out of them to put on my kitchen cabinet doors. It worked out so much better and easier than I planned. I have done this two year in a row, but sadly, we had to move our rosemary and now I don't have enough to make wreaths this year, but maybe next year! I'm just glad I got pictures last year when I did it last. 

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Another great thing about rosemary is that it feels and looks like other Christmas greenery. You can put it all over the place, in vases or on your mantle. It also makes everything smell amazing! 
decorate with herbs for christmas decoration
how to make rosemary wreaths easy

How to Make a Natural Greenery Wreaths with Rosemary

  • flexible non wood Rosemary twigs or other natural greenery - You can also get faux greenery
  • twine
  • vintage ribbon
natural greenery for christmas wreaths

Step 1

The branches were about 12-15" in length when I cut them. I wanted the circle to fit into the door of the kitchen cabinet. If you want them for a bigger space or a bigger wreath, then measure accordingly. 

Step 2

Start by making circles out of the rosemary and greenery. But be gentle, don't push to hard on making the circles. Once the circle is made, tie the two end pieces together using a small piece of twine. 

Step 3

Using a ribbon or twine and bring around the wreath. Bring it over your cabinet door and tape it onto the inside with painters or masking tape on back side of door. 
Easy diy fresh rosemary greenery Christmas wreaths

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