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How to Sew a Farmhouse Apron from a Tea Towel for Kids

Learn how to sew a farmhouse apron from a tea towel for kids as well as a regular farmhouse apron for kids. These farmhouse aprons are very easy and quick to make. 

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how to sew a tea towel apron for kids
Aprons are such a fun thing to sew, but ironically enough, I never wore one until I made my own Farmhouse Style Crossback apron. I have always loved the idea of aprons, but then I had kids who constantly untied them. But, I finally made one with no ties and I won that battle. 

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tea towel apron simple to do
I have made aprons for all my kids when they were little, but I have recently become so bugged with constantly needing to tie them and untie them. I know, I just need to practice patience, or I can help them be more self reliant. That is probably the best idea. Now I did sew this apron, but I thought this actually would make a great project to be included for kids to sew themselves and decided to include it as part of my handicraft series as apron for kids part 2 (see part 1 here). This tea towel apron is really easy to make and can be made with the cutest tea towels!
diy farmhouse apron for kids
easy kid apron tutorial
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easy farmhouse tea towel apron for kids

How to Sew a Farmhouse Apron from a Tea Towel for Kids

- Tea towels: This mermaid set would amazing!! or this Folkculture one, I always like yellow and here or how about some lemons ones?? I could probably go on, I love tea towels!

- Leather strips or a fabric sewn into a tube: You'll want of 2 pieces of leather 1 1/2" wide x 17" long.If you're going to sew your own arm straps, you'll want fabric cut at 3 1/2" wide by 17" long

Step 1: Sew Strap

If you are making your own straps out of fabric, sew edges together right side together into a long tube. Do not sew the ends. Turn right side out. Iron. 

Now take your straps, leather or fabric straps, and place them on your apron. You will be sewing the straps to one of the short sides of the apron (for example the apron is 20x28, you'll do one of the 20" sides). Find the center of the apron and measure 6 inches then place one side of each strap, criss crossing the two different straps. Sew in place. 
diy tea towel apron tutorial
Take the other end of each strap and place it on the side of the apron. Before sewing rest of the straps on, I would pin and measure it on your kids. If it's too long, bring in the straps, if it's too short let out the straps. I gave long measurements so you have plenty of give depending on what's comfortable for your child. 
tutorial for tea towel apron

Step 2: Fold and Sew pockets

Fold up the bottom of the tea towel up about 9". You can make the pocket shorter or deeper if you like. Sew in place on the sides and make pockets by sewing two middle lines. I made my lines varying to make the pockets different sizes. 

And that is it!!

And no tutorial for this Harry Potter apron, but maybe add a house elf silhouette vinyl to make it for your little Harry Potter fan!
harry potter house elf apron di

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