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Harry Potter Perler Bead Patterns and Keychains- Book Review

Harry Potter bead patterns and keychains are easy to do and fun for the whole family. Use a Harry Potter perler bead book to make your favorite Harry Potter Characters into keychains or charms. 

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DIY Harry Potter Perler Bead Patterns
As you may already know, we are big fans of Harry Potter. Do I say that every time I write a Harry Potter post? Perhaps, I just don't want you to forget ; ) And in case you're new here, here are some of the most popular Harry Potter posts on this blog:

So, my kids like Harry Potter. And so do I. I'm the one who has read the first book countless times and played magic spells with them and made them their first robes. It's a world of wonder and teaches so many wonderful lessons. Well, my kids are also into perler beads. I finally surprised them with a Harry Potter Perler Bead book and they went crazy. If you wish to buy a Harry Potter Keychain and not make your own GO HERE

DIY Hermione Keychainharry potter perler beads keychain diy
They remind me of the Harry Potter lego sets with out their squat little figures. These would also be great hanging on a mirror in the car or as Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments. 
ron weasley keychain diy
They are all so adorable and very easy to make. The only one they made that wasn't from the book is the Deathly Hallows, my son came up with that one himself.  Are you ready to make your own? Which Harry Potter Perler Beads are your favorite? All of these make for excellent gifts that are perfect for your kids to make themselves! What are you waiting for!
how to make harry potter keychains perler beads

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