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How to Sew a Garden Kneeling Pad

Learn how to sew a garden kneeling pad in under 30 minutes. Use small pieces of vinyl or faux leather so it can be easily wiped clean. This is a quick and easy sewing project to make weeding and working in the garden more comfortable. Check out 10 more spring sewing ideas HERE

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diy garden kneeling pad
I don't know what it is about this winter, but all the rain has finally got to me; I am ready for spring and sunny days! Over here we've been planning what flowers and vegetables to grow. We have our garden boxes filled with fresh dirt and are ready to go. 
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diy garden kneeler pad
To start this gardening season off right, I'd start I'd share my most recent sewing project, this garden kneeling pad! I usually use old towels, which works great as a kneeling pad, but I wanted something more fluffy and not so absorbent. This was used with some left over vinyl pieces I had. I used an acrylic marker to touch it up with some plants and flowers. This is such a quick and easy project. Perfect to whip out in a quick afternoon. 
how to sew a garden kneeler

How to Sew a Garden Kneeling Pad

Vinyl, faux leather, or oil cloth or any water proof fabric
Optional flower art: Acrylic Paint Marker or Leather Paint

Watch video below for visual direction:

Step 1: Cut your Fabric

Cut two rectangles. I cut mine at 16x8" but you can make it bigger or larger to your preference. If you want a strap handle, cut a long skinny piece of vinyl about 14x3. 

Step 2: Add Flowers *optional step

If you want to paint a design on your knee pad, this is the time to do it before sewing. Pick some flowers or plants that are simple in design. 

Step 3: Sew our Strap

Fold your strap into thirds, hot dog style. Sew it closed so both sides are sewn in. 

Step 4: Sew pad

Place your vinyl pieces rights sides together, sandwiching the strap handle into the middle of it. The ends of the straps should stick out. If the strap is too long for you, you can always cut it shorter. Leave a gap one end so you can turn it right side out. 

Step 5: Turn and stuff

Turn it right side out and add stuffing. Sew shut with sewing machine. Make sure you turn the fabric inward before sewing shut. And that's it!

Let me know if you have any questions! Pin image below for a later reference. 
how to sew a gardeners kneeling pad

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