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How to Sew a Floor Pillow with no pattern

Learning how to sew a floor pillow is much easier than it looks. Floor pillows are easy to make and can be fun to customize with favorite fabric. Make a faux leather pillow to add a sense of classiness to the living room. 

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how to make cheap floor pillows
Growing up, we had the biggest floor pillows that I loved reading books on and watching movies. I've been wanting to make one for my kiddos but haven't got around to it. I finally made the push to make it for them as a Christmas gift. I kicked myself afterwards because it was so easy! I had fabric on hand since I still had lots of extra from my DIY Fabric Covered Cardboard Boxes Makeover

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These were made using upholstery fabric that I found in the upholstery clearance section of JOANN for really cheap. SO I highly recommend checking that section for some great fabric for great price. 

The floor pillows have been perfect for readying, making forts and pillow fights. 
easy to sew reading floor cushion
how to make large floor pillows

How to Sew a Floor Pillow


Step 1: Cut 2 Circles

I used the fold into quarters method (See Here). I cut them as big as my fabric was. For the handles I made them out of faux leather and cut 13x4. You can always cut them smaller. 
pattern for large floor pillow

Step 2: Sew Handles

Fold leather handles into a tri fold, fold one edge in and then the other edge over that. Then sew the edges, about 1/4 from the edge

how to sew a floor pillow

Step 3: Sandwich Handles

Place the handle between the two large circles. Place right sides together and pin. Make sure the handles are inside the floor pillow circles. 

Step 4: Sew Around

Once you have properly pinned circles into place, sew around edges leaving a gap about 5-6 inches wide. You will need to be able to turn it right side out. 

Step 5: Sew closed

Stuff with your stuffing. Once you like how much stuffing you have inside it's time to sew it shut. You can machine sew this shut, but I found it easier to hand sew it shut while dealing with the faux leather. Just make sure you use tight and close stitches so that it is secure. You don't want the stuffing to come out. And you're done!
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