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LDS General Conference April 2021 Printable Inspiring Quotes

I've put together a wonderful collection of inspiring quotes that you can download and print for free from LDS General Conference April 2021. Find free download at end of post. 
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LDS april 2021 printable quotes
Just a week ago we had the wonderful opportunity to sit and listen to modern day prophets and apostles during LDS General Conference. You can read, listen, or watch all the talks here at and they are all free.

 Last October I loved making a set for the October General Conference (which you can find here) and decided to make some again. This might just become a habit. Please enjoy and share with others who you think might need some inspiring quotes. 
Find them here:

Russell M. Nelson Christ Quote
All the messages were inspiring and full of hope. Did every single message speak to me? well not particularly, but I enjoyed each one and felt the spirit. But there were definitely a few of the talks that resonated more with me than others. I loved how many referenced President Russell M. Nelson's talk from last October, Let God Prevail. That talk has meant so much to me and it continues to be one I want to keep studying. I loved hearing the reminder over again from me of the other speakers. 
LDS President Nelson Let God Prevail
lds conf let god prevail
While I feel like I'm doing my best to make my home a place of learning, both secularly and spiritual, it's is always a good reminder for me to keep it up and not let it become otherwise. I can't control what goes on outside my house, but I can do my best to make it a holy place for my children to grow up in. Hopefully then they will be ready for the world. 
Lds quotes home lds conf nelson
I loved Elder Dyches talk about light. We all have this light inside all of us and we need it especially in today's world. 
light quote lds elder dyches april 2021
Elder Renlund stone catcher lds quotes
The most important thing I heard through out all the talks were the testimony of Jesus Christ. We all need him in our lives. He can help us through the hard times and help us move mountains. 
Uchtdorf christ quotes lds conf
lds Christ quotes general conference 2021
lds april 2021 general conference quotes printables
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UPDATE: Find new printables for LDS Conference October 2021
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