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Printable Garden Book for Kids a Nature Journal

Gardening with kids can be fun and a great way to teach them about the food we eat. Print off these printable garden book for kids to have them keep track of the progress in their garden. Find printable at end of post. 

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printable garden book for kids
"Let them get in touch with Nature, and a habit is formed which will be a source of delight through life..." - Charlotte Mason

There is something about nature that brings peace to the wildest child and energizes the calmest one. I feel this is the case for me as well. If I am feeling slightly anxious or tired, nature has a way to calm and revive me. Sometimes I have to push myself to get out there, but once I do, I'm more happy afterwards.


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Why I love Gardening with My Kids

I have always loved gardening and growing flowers, but this year we had such a winter that for some reason I found myself aching for dirt and plants more than ever. As my kids have gotten older, the joy of gardening has increased. Here are some reasons why I love to garden with my kids:

  • They are young and remind me that nature is still magical. They get so excited when something starts to grow.  We should all still remember the miracle nature really is. 
  • Growing a garden teaches kids and me how to be patient. They are curious and always moving. Growing a garden teaches both of us to slow down. 
  • Gardening teaches kids responsibility. Gardening is a safe place for me to give them responsibility and make mistakes. 

My garden eagerness has rubbed off on my kiddos and they are in high anticipation as well. It might have been partly that I let them pick out their own flower seeds to grow and their dad built them each their own small grow box. Basically they are excited as me. 
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How we include Charlotte Mason and Nature in our Home School

I love Charlotte Masons philosophy of nature and feel we should study nature as it is the season for it. So for school this spring, we are studying plants and gardens. I was inspired by my garden journal that my mother gave me a few years ago to make a garden journal book for them. It is very simple, nothing fancy inside. Just a printable gardening cover and blank pages inside. I want them to fill it with their own garden observations as they would fill their nature journal. 
vegetable coloring pages book for kids
They are all very excited to use these. I simple printed off the cover on cardstock (find printable down at the bottom of the post), inserted some blank pages inside and sewed up the middle. That's pretty much it. A simple and quick gardening journal for kids. We also recently got Julia Rothman's Farm Anatomy Book which is perfect for kids to read and copy gardening diagrams into their nature journal of the plants that interest them. 
printable garden book for kids
Our Favorite Nature Books Below:

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Printable Garden Book for Kids: A Nature Journal

Sewing Machine or you can alternative sew by hand or staple the centers
*You will not be able to download with school account email, use your personal email in order to download. 

Step 1: Print

Print out design and gather about 6-10 8x11.5 paper (your preference about how thick you want the book). Assemble the book with the printed design facing down and the white paper on the opposite side. 
sew your own notebook garden journal

Step 2: Sew

Sew down the middle of the book, going through the paper cardstock and the white paper. Fold in half and press. If you don't want to sew, you can alternatively use a stapler to staple down the middle of the paper. 
You're done!
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