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How to Press Flowers in the Microwave and Make a Flower Mask

Learn how to press flowers in the microwave and make a flower mask. The dried flowers will look vibrant and takes minutes to dry. The flower mask is a great nature craft. Make sure you check out this flower bookmark tutorial

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how to make a flower mask for kids

I have a new handicraft project for you today! This time we're doing a nature edition. This is quite a simple handicraft but still has so many possibilities. And while drying flowers is as simple as pressing in a book, I'm sharing a different, modern approach using the microwave. 

handicrafts with charlotte mason

 My daughter received a plain mask in a craft kit for her birthday. She finally decided she wanted to decorate it but wasn’t sure what she should do. Our wild flowers are in full bloom in such vibrant oranges and yellows. I suggested we dry some and then she could decorate her mask with those. 

>>Also, update, we recently made these beautiful pressed flower bookmarks with this same microwave method! 

dried flower bookmarks

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make a nature mask with flowers kids

Now speaking of flower pressing, we have done the in the book for weeks as well as an actual flower press. However, last summer we discovered the technique of drying flowers in the microwave. Yep, the microwave. It is so quick AND the flower are amazingly more vibrant than when we have before dried them in books.

how to make a flower mask with kids
how to dry flowers in the microwave

We actually still dry flowers in books for the beauty of finding it later unexpectedly, but microwave flower pressing is our new go to method. It’s very easy to do and requires things you already have in your kitchen. However, if you really want to invest and get fancy, you can find a microwave flower presser on Amazon. Maybe we’ll invest in one eventually, but for now our method works great. We did actually burn one flower, but I figured out that I just did it a little too long.

How to Press Flowers in the Microwave

and make a Flower mask


dry flowers in microwave

Step 1:

Place your flowers on two towels in the position you want. You may need to force the flowers to stay open before placing two towels on top.

pressing flowers in microwave

Step 2:

Place heavy dish on top. Make sure all flowers are covered and flattened by dish. Place carefully in microwave

Step 3: Microwave Flowers

Microwave for 1 minute. Then take off cooking dish. Then microwave in 30 second intervals. Check after each one to see if they are dry yet. If you do it too long, it could burn the flowers, like I did. Take them out when they’re dried!

Step 4: Making the mask

Using modge podge, add some onto the mask first then gently place the flowers on. We did generous amounts of modge podge so the flowers could adhere well. After the modge podge has dried, add another coat on top. 

dried flower mask craft
how to press flowers in the microwave

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