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Easy Laundry Room Mural - How to Paint Faux Tile

A fun modern way to update your laundry room with a faux painted tile mural as an accent wall. Learn how to paint easy laundry room mural and how to paint faux tile. 

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A few years ago, we built a rock climbing wall for our kids (SEE HERE) and to make it more interesting, I painted a mural on it. After that, I was eager to paint another wall with something else. Next I painted the master bathroom with flowers, then a kitchen wall and then during Covid, I painted arch with flowers in our entry way. Needless to say I was hooked. My last mural project of 2020 was our laundry room and that one was a wild card for me. 
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Laundry room paint ideas
I saw Vintage Revivals Rainbow tile in her laundry room and had this idea of how I could achieve that without tiling. I wanted a quick project that I could do myself. After going through all our paint sample colors, I came up with a color combo that I liked and started painting. And to be honest, as I was doing it, I was totally hating it. But I kept pushing through hoping it would all come together in the end. And guess what it totally did!!

how to paint a faux tile backsplash
Our laundry room is a dark place and the colors are so happy and cheerful to me. I could not be more happy about it. I feel like it could pass as actual rainbow tile but is so much easier to install than actual tile. 
rainbow mural laundry room ideas

Easy Laundry Room Mural - How to Paint Faux Tile

Step 1:

I decided to make it simple and use my quilting ruler that was 3" ruler. I drew the vertical lines first, 3' apart then I decided how long I wanted each 'tile' to be and then drew a horizontal line. I used a leveler to make sure the line was straight. 
how to paint faux tile mural
how to paint tile

Step 2:

I then did my first color, let it dry and then decided to try using frog tape for a clean line. However, I was working so many colors and the tape slowed me down. I ended up just being careful and just cut it with the paint brush. This turned out to be much easier than it sounds. I was able to touch up if I went over a different color. b
And that's it! Faux painted tile, a doable diy laundry room mural!
colorful rainbow mural diy laundry room ideas

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