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How to Sew Dinosaur Sweatshirts For Kids EASY

Learn how to sew dinosaur sweatshirts for kids, easy way to do it with old sweatshirts. It's a great gift and it doesn't require advanced sewing skills. 

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easy costume sweatshirts for kids
Ah dinosaurs, something so real yet completely magical. We have been well into dinosaurs since my oldest was three and even though he isn't as much into them now at ten, he still loves them. I have made him a dinosaur tail and even a dinosaur bag. But his favorite has always been the dinosaur sweatshirt. 
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I have already made him at least 3 dinosaur sweatshirts which he wore so much that he couldn't even pass them onto his siblings. For Christmas, he asked for another one. I could not say no since who knows how much longer he'll love dinosaurs or want to wear something I make him. But honestly, there aren't many things I can make him that he'll wear. 
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Making fun dress up sweatshirts is definitely my favorite things to make for my kids. I have made a few sharks and a unicorn as well. I also copied Swoodson Says dragon idea and made a dragon sweatshirt for my other son. 
diy dragon sweatshirt

How to Sew a Dinosaur Sweatshirt
  • Old Sweatshirt
  • Colorful Fabric Scraps
  • Stiff Interface
Watch Video below for full visual tutorial

Step 1:

Cut your sweatshirt down the exact middle of the back of the sweatshirt

Step 2:

Cut your triangles for spikes. See video for example. The idea is that we're making imperfect dinosaur spikes. Remember that some will get sewn in so allow for that seam allowance. I wanted a variety of sizes so make them according to your desire. Sew one side of triangle. Cut stiff pellon to fit inside each triangle. Stuff inside triangle. 

Step 3:

Place triangles with pointy side in and raw edge faced out on top of one side of the sweatshirt. Place other side of sweatshirt (right sides together) on top. Pin each triangle spot in place. Carefully sew the seam shut. Make sure you sewed all the triangles. If you have a serger, serge the insides or use a zig zag stitch to keep it in place. 

Dinosaur Sweatshirt tutorial out of an old sweatshirt!
And here are some pictures of the many dinosaur sweatshirts I have sewn over the years. I can't believe how quickly my kids have grown!
how to sew dino sweatshirt kids
diy baby dino sweatshirt
kid dinosaur sweatshirt

diy dress up sweatshirt costume kids

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