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DIY Modern Painted Flower and Nature Scenes

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easy modern painted flowers
Early Spring, My Colorshot invited me to participate in a thrifted item upcycle challenge. When I saw these wooden plates at the thrift store, I knew exactly what to do. I love wood and these wooden plates seemed like a perfect canvas for some painted scenes. I love that color shot has acrylic paints now. They are really great quality paints that mix really well together. 
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abstract mountain painting on thrift store plate
I got the idea initially after upcycling a tea set and a wooden play cake by making it modern and unique with painted flowers. 
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I decided to do a modern and simple mountain scene, some florals, and some trees. All are loves of mine. Hard to say which is a favorite of mine, they were all fun to come up with and paint. I have more ideas of things to paint, but of course it's a matter of getting to them :)

easy modern painted flower art
modern evergreen trees painted
colorshot painting

DIY Modern Painted Flowers and Nature Scenes

Watch video of the process

Step 1:

On something like wood, you really want to test it out on something else to make sure you like it. However, if the wood has a shiny finish, you might be able to easily wash off any mistakes. I did a brief painting sketch on some cardstock before I painted on the wood to make sure I liked what I was painting

Step 2: 

I wanted various shades of colors, so I mixed a few colors together or mixed white with some of the colors to lighten. 

Step 3:

Paint your designs. For the florals and mountain scene, I did the shapes of the flowers and mountain and then after it tried I used Colorshot paint markers to highlight the flowers and mountain. You could also do this with a brush and white paint. 

And that's the whole process. 
diy painted thrifted plates

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