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How to Make a Harry Potter Wreath Deathly Hallows

Learn how to make a Harry Potter Wreath Deathly Hallows style! It's easy to make this classy Harry Potter fall wreath using a few branches from outside and a few fake florals. 

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Harry Potter Wreath DIY
This seems like a odd time to be posting about my last year Halloween decor in the middle of summer, but since it has to do with Harry Potter and Harry Potter's birthday is in July, it seemed an ok thing to do. And, any reason to talk, celebrate, or craft about Harry Potter is always a good idea. 
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Last Fall I was itching for a new wreath that was more fallish. I LOVE my colorful, rainbow pumpkin wreath, but was wanting something more subdued and more Halloweenish. But I wanted something still classy and not scary, so I decided to do a DIY Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Wreath. 
Harry Potter wreath ideas diy
It was quick to put together and turned out better than I hoped. It went great next to my "Witches and Wizards Welcome, Muggles Tolerated" Sign. 
witches and wizards welcome muggle tolerated sign
harry potter deathly hallows wreath diy


How to Make a Harry Potter Wreath Deathly Hallows


  • Yard Sticks
  • Bits of fake floral pieces in color of choice
  • Floral Wire
  • leather scrap pieces
  • embroidery hoop, I used a 6" one
I'm sorry! I completely forgot to take step by step pictures, but hopefully the instructions and the final picture will help you come up with our very own!

Step 1: 

Take three sticks about 12" long and lay them on top of each other until it makes a triangle. Wrap around leather scrap pieces around the intersecting pieces to tie the corners together. Note, you want your triangle to be big enough that the embroidery hoop fits snuggly inside. You may need to adjust your triangle as needed. I ended up snapping off ends of my sticks that were too big. 

Step 2:

Wrap scrap leather around the embroidery hoop and glue the ends in place. Place embroidery hoop inside the triangle and glue into place with hot glue. Next place your 'stick wand' on top of embroidery hoop. Glue into place

Step 3:

Now it's time to add the florals. This is really a personal placement. I would just lay them on top and decide if it looked good there or not. Adjust the flowers and florals until you feel you like how it's situated. Once you're happy, use floral wire (and hot glue if necessary) to secure into place. 

And that's it you're done!!
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