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20 Easy Winter Sewing Projects and Tutorials

These winter sewing tutorials are great for dark, winter nights. So many great diy pillows, blankets and other sewing projects to sew for the winter. 

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easy winter sewing projects tutorials
As winter approaches, sewing is a perfect way to fight the dark, winter days. I think sewing can be a form of therapy when the days stretch on and you ache to have some sunshine. Also, there are many sewing tutorials that are perfect to help keep us comfortable and cozy. Basically, you can say sewing for a hygge home. There are so many great sewing projects out there both beginning and advanced. I've put together some fun and easy sewing projects that you can make this winter to help combat those blues. 

20 Easy Winter Sewing Projects

pillow and blanket sewing tutorials

Pillows and Blankets Sewing Projects

how to sew a sewing pouf
This pillow pouf from Heather Handmade is so perfect for winter. Perfect to go with the dark, long days when you just need a big floor pillow to read a book on. 
how to sew a floor pilow
This Floor Pillow sewing tutorial is from here on Sisters, What! which I made for my kiddos last Christmas. Like the DIY floor pouf, it has been perfect for my kids to read books on. They still love laying on the floor pillow and reading or watching a movie. 
how to sew a wool pillow
This DIY wool pillow is just perfect for an easy winter sewing project. You can do them in any color and it would be very cozy on the couch with hot tea. 
how to make a stamped pillow
This is another pillow tutorial from here. It was a winter sewing project that I did with my kids. It was a perfect project to do with kids during a winter day. We made the stamp for the pillow case using a potato. 
diy Demin pillow
This DIY denim pillow is fun for fall. Save some old jeans and you can sew this pillow up for free.
how to sew a leather fleece pillow
This pillow sewing tutorial is recent easy sewing project here on Sisters, What! It's basically a lush fleece blanket that is sewn to turn into a pillow. It is such a quick project and requires very easy sewing. It didn't take very long. You can even use a pre bought fleece blanket to sew into a pillow blanket. 
When nights are cold and dark, this DIY sherpa blanket is perfect to stay warm. An easy blanket sewing tutorial and great for those winter nights. 
diy braided fleece blanket
Braided Fleece Blanket from Sew Simple Home
Another warm blanket that is a great beginner sewing tutorial. It would be a very easy sewing tutorial for kids who want to sew up a warm blanket for winter
how to sew a weighted blanket
Kids really like weighted blankets and this Harry Potter version is perfect for any kids. Great for a cold winter night when they need to cuddle up under a warm homemade blanket.
easy t shirt quilt
I made this t-shirt quilt at least 10 years ago but it's still a favorite blanket used by all my kids. It has a soft fleece on the back and favorite shirts and jeans on the front. It's a great beginner blanket sewing project and a perfect blanket for winter. 

Easy Sewing Projects for Winter

An easy clothing sewing tutorial that is useful for fall or winter. Use an an old sweatshirt to sew up quickly
An infinity scarf is perfect for an easy winter sewing project and quick to sew. 
These scrap fabric coasters are adorable and a great sewing project for fabric scraps. Perfect for a winter sewing project to use for tea. 
Another perfect coaster to make for fall. Fall is starting to turn cold and apples are in season. Sewing an apple coaster would be perfect to start off fall sewing. 
This diy wool felt banner would be perfect for winter. You can make them to match the holiday decor or sew the banner up with bright colors to ward off the dark days. 
how to cover a cardboard box
These diy fabric cardboard boxes are so easy to sew up and great to make during the winter months. Particularly come January when you get in the mood to organize. 
diy storage basket
This yarn wrapped storage basket is from Sisters, What! and another great winter sewing project. It's fun to make and great for on table storage. 
This hot drink cozy is a great beginner sewing project is perfect for fall and winter. Make quite a few and have them ready for when you go get your favorite hot drink. 
diy fleece headband
This might be part crochet, but it's an easy crochet project and then you do some really easy sewing to line it with some fleece to make it that much warmer for winter. 
These flowers are easy to sew and you can make them with kids. It would look great on a wreath or as fall decoration around the house. 

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