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10 Creative DIY Homemade Fantasy and Sci Fi Costume Ideas for kids

Homemade costumes are fun to make and can be made up of thrifted items or cardboard boxes. Or, you can go the route of completely sewing them from fabric to costume. Cheap homemade costumes are fun to make and can be cherished for years. 

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10 easy diy homemade fantasy costumes to sew
Are you a homemade costume maker or prefer store bought? We have probably done a mix of both. Some have even literally been a mix of both store and homemade. As I was looking through pictures of my kiddos during Halloween, I didn't realize how many fun homemade ones we've actually done. At least, to me and my kids they have been ones we have cherished. I thought it was about time I did a round up of some of the ones I've blogged about. I realize that some have not actually made it to the blog. But here homemade costumes that have:

Creative DIY Homemade Fantasy and Sci Fi Costume Ideas

easy hermione costume for kids
First one up is this little Hermione Witch Costume. This was when my daughter was just 2. She didn't care what she dressed like, but loved skirts, so it was fun to choose for her. It was just a matter of making her a scrap felt tie and finding some clothes in her closet (which we had for her!)
how to make a train costume for kids
This Hogwarts Train Costume is a favorite in our house. We have made it twice for two different kids. It's made out cardboard boxes and painted. 
easy fire breathing dragon face mask
This Dragon Costume and Dragon Fire is one of those mixes. My son wanted to be a dragon, but I didn't feel like making a costume this year. But, we did make the fire to go with it. They still play with the fire. 
easy diy troll costume poppy
My daughter was obsessed with Poppy the Troll so a costume dress was meant for her. Not only was it a costume but it was worn for church after. The hat was fun to make as well. 

diy modest mermaid costumes
This modest mermaid costume was one of those costumes that I made completely from scratch. But it was much easier than it looks and I didn't even use a pattern. 
easy diy chewbacca costume
Another fun costume that I made from scratch. It looks really hard, but I kept it super simple and did lots of squares and rectangles. 
My kids have always been Star Wars fan and one year my son wanted to be Poe Dameron, and he needed a ship of course. This was another fun cardboard box make. 
baby dobby house elf costume for kids
This is definitely a family favorite and one of our most popular costume posts on here. It's easy to put together with stuff you probably already have. 
easy luna love good costume
This DIY Luna Costume was a last year covid costume, mostly because I needed something fun that could be worn anywhere. The hat is crocheted and can be worn all winter long. 
My husband and I have gone to a few different adult Halloween parties and one year we went as Medusa and a stone statue. I made it modern by putting snakes in my hair and making a fun shirt. It is still one of my favorites
diy great white shark sweatshirt costume
This Shark Sweatshirt was one of the first sweatshirt costumes I've made. My son was obsessed with sharks so I made him a sweatshirt as a costume and he then wore it the rest of the year. 
Another costume we've done many times with sweatshirts is dinosaurs and dragons. It's an easy one and again can be used all year. And all you need are some old or store bought sweatshirts. 
easy unicorn costume diy
This unicorn sweatshirt can easily be part of a costume or just everyday play sweatshirt. My daughter loved it so much I had to make her a second one as she out grew the first. Make a hobby horse unicorn to go with it. 

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