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DIY Blanket into Pillow - Faux Leather Pillow

Learn to make your own DIY Pillow Blanket - Faux Leather Pillow version. Or also known as a planket. It's basically a pillow blanket combo all in one. It's easy to sew!

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how to make a blanket into pillow
Have you ever used a pillow blanket before? My first experience was the one my mom made me when I turned 8. I remember because that is when I got baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was a very significant day for me. Fast forward 20+ years later and I decided to turn a soft micro fleece blanket into a pillow with some left over faux leather.

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This pillow blanket or aka "planket" was made using some super sew lush fleece that I got from JOANN, but this could easily be made with a blanket you already have. My kids are really obsesssed with this micro fleece like fabric. I guess it is called lush fleece for a reason. The really nice thing about it is it only sheds when you cut it, but once it's cut it doesn't shred. But just be make it look nice, I did hem the edges of the fleece. 
pillow blanket 2 in 1
I did share a video below how to fold your pillow blanket, but honestly, using the lush fleece as the blanket base, I find that stuffing it into the envelope is just as effective and much more efficient haha. When I stuff the blanket into the pillow, it still looks really good and like a pillow. I think it's because of the type of fabric I used. Also, I think the stiffness of the faux leather helps hide any bumps of the fleece inside. So if I need this blanket to be turned into a pillow, it takes me under a minute to stuff it. It's really fantastic!

DIY Pillow Blanket Faux Leather Pillow

Watch video below on how to fold your pillow blanket

Step 1:

My fleece fabric was 60x90. If you're starting with fabric from scratch, you want to hem the edges of the fabric. For the pillow leather fabric, I cut it in a square 17x17. This obviously will change depending on the size of your blanket. I wanted a smaller pillow so I made the square smaller. 

Step 2:

After you hem your edges, or having your premade blanket, you want to lay your pillow square at the top right side down. Sew around the top three edges. This is really important to remember since you need it to be a pocket to fold the blanket into. 

how to make a faux leather pillow blanket

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