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Luna Lovegood Lion Hat Costume a Harry Potter Costume

Luna Lovegood is a beloved Harry Potter character. This Luna Lovegood Lion Hat Costume was so fun to put together and is something that can be worn for years to come. 

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luna lovegood Gryffindor hat costume
Luna Lovegood is one of those quirky characters that is hard not to love. Or maybe grow to love. I think many of us feel we are all a bit like Luna or wish we were. For all the Harry Potter parties I've done, last year I decided to be Luna. As you can see below, I've shared a few Harry costumes my kids have worn of the years:
luna lovegood lion Hat pattern
I usually go as Trelawny (I need to find a picture of that one), but this year I really wanted a Luna hat. I figured a crocheted one would be fun just to have around for cold days. It really turned out better than I expected, especially since I didn't have a pattern to go off and was just makin it up as I went. 
diy luna love good costume easy
And I'm really not an expert crocheter so it turned out easier to do than I thought. I promise to do my best to walk you through my process. Sorry I don't have a pattern, but I wouldn't even know where to start with writing a pattern. So please don't judge my instructions to harshly and realize that I'm sharing my process for free. 
luna lovegood lion hat costume crochet
And if you love Luna, Check out these free Harry Potter Printable bookmarks with a few great Luna Lovegood quotes
Luna Lovegood quotes free printable bookmarks

Luna Lovegood Lion Hat Costume - A Harry Potter Costume

  • Mustard Yellow regular yarn
  • Brown and white yarn
  • Chunky yellow and white yarn
  • Crochet needle

Step 1: Crochet Base Hat

First off you need a hat base. I just found a free basic crochet hat pattern off the internet. I don't remember where, but any will do. You need to make a hat that will fit you. Nothing fancy. 

Step 2: Ears

For the years I did a round of 3 rows and then started skipping in stitches on the 4th and 5th round. I think I skipped every 4 stitches. I really just wanted it to curve just a bit. Does that make sense? Once I felt it looked like an ear, I sewed it onto the hat with yarn. 

Step 3: Braids

I saw this on someone elses Luna Hat and thought they were fun. These are definitely the easiest. Just get a long chunk of yellow and white chunky yarn. You want the length to be twice as long and a little extra than you intend the final braid to be. Fold in half and braid together.  I did this until I was satisfied with the thickness. Tie it off around the end of the braid and sew it onto the bottom of the hat. 
lion hat crochet pattern

Step 4: The Lion Mane 

For this part, I tested out different lengths of yarn and tied them on around the top and ears and down to the braids. Once I was happy with the length, I tied on a few more of yellow and white chunky yarn. I did this until it looked just right. I didn't do it on the back, just around the top, like a head band. 
how to crochet a lion hat

Step 5: The Eyes and Nose

I did a base round for brown, about 3 rows. For the white, also a round just about two times around. I then attached the brown circle with a yarn needle and thread and then attached the white to the brown. For the nose, I crocheted a line of about 5-6 stitches and then decreased my stitches until it looked like a triangle. I then sewed this onto the hat like the eyes. I also top sewed a line of stitches down to the base of the hat. I also decided to sew brown around the base of the bottom of the hat. 
Luna Lovegood lion hat crochet pattern
And that's basically it. Sorry I don't have an actual pattern for you to work off of. I definitely made it up as I went and I'm clearly a novice at crochet terms :). But I hope this inspires and gives you an idea of how I made the hat. 

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