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Free Printable Gratitude Quotes

The month of November is a great time to be thankful for everything. Enjoy these free printable gratitude quotes to share with loved ones or print off for Thanksgiving art. 

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Thanksgiving is often a point of conflicting holiday. Many think it gets overlooked and passed over to get to Christmas sooner. I'm definitely guilty of thinking and starting Christmas crafting in November, but to me, Thanksgiving and Christmas go hand in hand. I love getting in the spirit of Christmas while crafting with my kids. But I also try to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive while we do so. After all, kids should learn to be thankful for what they have and what they are given. If they don't learn gratitude, then Christmas can become a very selfish month. 
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Thanksgiving helps us be thankful and humble in our circumstance. It's a great way to prepare us to worship our Savior during Christmas. I think it can remind us the real reason for Christmas. So, as you prepare for Christmas during Thanksgiving, make sure you also think of your blessings and everything your thankful for. It will help get all of us ready for the real reason for Christmas. 
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I picked a few gratitude quotes to go with the month of Thanksgiving. Print them off or share on social media to help you and others to remember to have an attitude of gratitude. Do you have traditions you like to do with your family to remember to be thankful? Last year I printed of these leaves for my kids to write what they were thankful for. 
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Download below for your free printable gratitude quotes

Which gratitude quote is your favorite? Do you like having thanksgiving decoration up to remind you of the holiday? Do you have a fun thanksgiving tradition you like to do with your kids?

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