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Free Printable LDS General Conference Quotes October 2021

Come download some great and inspiring quotes from LDS General Conference October 2021. You can print them off for free and give the inspiring quotes to friends and family. 

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printable lds quotes general conf 2021
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lds general conference quotes october 2021
It's been a year since I started making lds printable quotes from LDS General Conference. You can find more here:

printable lds general conference quotes october 2021
It's such a joy for me to design these and then add quotes from each session of LDS General Conference. But, it's definitely getting harder to pick out which quotes to use. I almost feel like I have to pick a child to be my favorite. It's definitely a hard task to have to choose. Which is why I ended up with choosing 24 quotes this year October 2021 LDS General Conference. 
dieter f uchtdorf lds quotes printable
If a person is in tune with the spirit, I think that person could say that there was a theme they heard during conference and than another person could say they heard a different them talked about. Or perhaps many people heard the same themes because they all needed to hear those messages. Either way, for me I definitely felt there was a strong theme of improving ourselves little by little every day. 
dunn lds conference printable
And one way we can do that is through the help of our Savior. No matter the theme I hear, I always hear Jesus Christ being the center and soul of that theme. It is through our Savior that we can improve ourselves everyday. He accepts us where we are and can help us become better like him. He wants us to improve and not stay where we are. He wants us to become like him and can help us get there. But, we do  not have to do it alone and we can take it day by day. For me, this is such a wonderful message and brings peace. 
camille johnson lds quotes
We live in such a busy world with high expectations to succeed and be the best. While Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to do our best, they don't want us to be overwhelmed and anxious about it. They want to help us and want us to be who they know we are capable of being. Not who the world might say we should be, but what they see we can be by their heavenly standard. 
russell m nelson quotes lds conference
russell m nelson lds conference quotes
Do you have a favorite quotes from this October 2021 LDS General Conference? Which quote is your favorite? Is there one October LDS General Conference Talk that really stood out to you more than others?

I hope you enjoy these quotes. Download Below:
 Please print and share with friends and family. But, these are for personal use, not for resale. 

lds october 2021 general conf quotes

october general conf 2021 quotes


printable october 2021 lds conference quotes

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