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How to Make Linen girl Hairbows and Cut Fabric with Cricut Maker 3

Learn how to make easy, cute linen and leather hairbows. These diy hairbows are perfect for babies or girls or even as a clip on bow tie for boys. Cut the fabric out using a Cricut Maker 3 or download the pattern for free. These classic linen hairbows are easy to make and very cute. 

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how to make fabric bows
Popping up on etsy has been the cutest and classy linen hairbows. When I went for a trip to JOANN recently, I spotted their linen collection and the colors were beautiful and seemed perfect for diy hairbows. I also checked out the trim section and they has this perfect lacy dot trim that I thought would look darling with the linen bows. 
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cut fabric with cricut maker 3
JOANN sent me the new Cricut Maker 3, with their rotary blade, to try out with cutting fabric so I thought hairbows would be a great way to learn how to use it. This was my first time using a Cricut cutting machine so I was a little nervous about hard it might be for me to learn how to cut fabric with it. However, I was really surprised how from set up to cutting, I figured it out in under 30 minutes. 
how to cut fabric with cricut maker 3
Before cutting my hairbows, I made a simple pattern to make the linen and leather hairbows as well as a pattern for knot hair bow (download the free pattern below). I then uploaded the pattern as it was and turned it into a Cricut file. I just followed the instructions as stated on their program and it as very simple to do. But, if you need a great tutorial with step by step instructions and pictures, check out Practically Functional 
classic linen girls hairbows
Any of these hairbows can be added to a babies nylon headband or a clip to be used in any girls hair. If you're boys will wear them, you can add them to strap to use as a bow tie for boys. So many fun options for these classic, linen diy hairbows. 
easy to make linen hairbow tutorial

How to Make Linen Hairbows and Cut Fabric with Cricut Maker 3


How to Cut Fabric with Cricut Maker 3

cut fabric with cricut maker 3 beginner

Step 1: Set up Cricut Maker 3

Obvious step, set up your cricut maker and register it (if it's brand new). I decided it would probably be wise to do a test cut before cutting a lot of bows at once. I uploaded my design and made sure to have two of each pattern piece (because the bow is two sided). I cut my fabric the appropriate size for the pattern and rolled it gently on their with the roller. Since my mat is new, I didn't press hard since I knew it was already really sticky from being new. 
use cricut roll blade on fabric mat

Step 2: Send fabric and mat into Cricut Maker 3

Once I knew my design as ready on design space and my fabric was situated, I pushed the send button and now it was just time to wait for it to cut. Since this was my first time using it, I had to wait a minute or so for it to calibrate the cricut maker 3 rotary blade. 
cut fabric with cricut maker 3

Step 3: Weed the extra fabric 

Once it cut it went smoothly without a hitch. And it was fast. I used the tweezers that came with the cricut and weeded away the extra fabric. I then used the tweezers to pull the pattern pieces off. This is suggested by Cricut to use the tweezers and avoid touching the mat with fingers to help the mat last as long as possible. 
cut hairbow patterns cricut maker 3

How to Make and Sew Hairbows 

how to make classic hairbows

Step 1: Piece your Hairbow together

I'm going to show you how to do the hairbow with the leather wrap. However, the concept and steps apply to the knotted hairbow as well. Take your first pattern piece and lay the pom pom trim on top if using trimming. Take the next pattern piece and sandwich the trim carefully in the middle. 
easy to sew hairbow tutorial

Step 2: Clip or pin fabric

Carefully clip your fabric pieces in place. You can use pins, but I thought the wonder clips held the fabric pieces and the trim in place the best. 
easy to sew hairbows

Step 3: Sew hairbow

Leaving a 2 inch game, sew carefully around the whole hairbow. 
how to sew a hairbow

Step 4: turn fabric right side out

Turn fabric right side out and glue the 2 inch gap closed with fabric glue. You could also hand sew or machine sew. I thought the glue was less time consuming and looked better than machine sewing. 
cute hairbow pattern tutorial

Step 5: Wrap Leather Cord around Bow

Once the glue is dry, wrap your leather cord around the middle section a couple times and tie in place. You can glue if you like, but I wanted to be able to have the option to untie if I wanted to. 
how to make a easy hairbow
To finish off the knotted hairbows or the tied hairbows, simply tie them. You might need to tug them really hard to get them how you want them to look. Tie them around a hair bow or to make them into a babies nylon headband bow, tie them nylon head band. Or simply add an alligator clip to them. 
easy to make linen hairbow sewing tutorial
Let me know if you have anymore questions on how to make these fabric hairbows. They are so much simpler to make than they might seem. 

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