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DIY Reusable Fabric Gift Furoshiki Wrap and Dying Muslin Fabric

Learn how to dye muslin fabric to get beautiful reusable fabric wrapping paper. It is so easy to DIY reusable fabric gift wrap and easy to dye muslin. The reusable fabric wrapping paper will be cherished for years
how to dye fabric for gift wrap
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Unwrapping presents is such an enjoyable task by adults and kids alike, but at Christmas time, I've become overwhelmed over the years with how much paper we would go through. Yes, the wrapping paper was definitely cheap, but it wasn't something I was sure we could actually recycle. And honestly, how much is actually getting recycled these days. I decided it was time to try to be more intentional and make a switch to reusable fabric wrapping paper. 
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Years ago we did melted crayon wrapping paper on recycled grocery paper bags, which was really fun to do with our kids. A couple years ago I learned how to do Japanese Style Wrapping, Furoshiki Wrapping, and haven't turned back. I loved being able to use any of my fabric to wrap the presents and after we opened, we simply folded the fabric and put it away. No throwing away of paper year after year, birthday after birthday!
how to dye fabric for gift wrapping
Last year I decided I would make some of my own fabric. I got yards and yards of muslin (because it's super cheap), cut it up and dyed it various of colors. It was perfect and was so easy to make. Now we have our own stash of reusable wrapping paper that we can use for each birthday and Christmas. 
make your own reusable fabric wrapping

DIY Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap and Dying Muslin Fabric

Watch video below for how I use the fabric to wrap the gifts using the art of furoshiki Japanese style wrapping

Step 1: Cut Fabric

First you want to make sure you get yards of muslin fabric. After all you are using this to wrap gifts of various sizes. Cut your fabric into large chunks, maybe some bigger than others to get various sizes. I did some in yards, some in 2 yards and some even smaller. 

Step 2: Dye Fabric

Now this is the fun part! I got various shades of blue, pink/wine, and green. I started off with the basic colors and then I started mixing. I added green to a navy blue to get a dark tealish blue, blue to wine for a purple, and I even tried avocado. I got some really pretty colors. There is no right or wrong, just experiment on small piece if your hesitant going full on. 

Step 3: Cut the fabric ribbons

To make the fabric ribbons, I cut off small slices from some of the different colors. And voila, I had ribbons to tie around the presents. 

And there you go! such an easy process. 
diy fabric gift wrap dying muslin fabric

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