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Reindeer Food Free Christmas Printable

Print off these cute Christmas printables for Christmas eve. These Reindeer Food Free Christmas Printable are perfect for little ones to put next to Santa's cookies. 

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reindeer food Christmas eve printable
We all know the tradition of putting cookies and milk out for Santa, but what about something for the reindeer? I'll have to be honest, we're kind of minimalist when it comes to Santa over here. He brings something for their stocking and that's it. We don't push Santa on the kids and make him into a whole production. However, I do like to make Santa to be like a Christ - like person who serves and helps others. Not someone who just brings toys to boys and girls. 
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reindeer food christmas craft
Anyway, one year I saw that someone on instagram leaving bird seed for Santa's "reindeer". (in case you're wondering, these pictures are from last year, but I'm not sharing - my usual m.o.) I thought it as such a fun idea!! So got some bird seed, put some in jars and we decided to give it to neighbors as well. The kids thought it was a much better (and healthier:) idea to leave the reindeer food more than leaving cookies and milk for Santa. The best part, it actually gets eaten really quick by some rein-birds ;)

Christmas eve reindeer food printable
story of reindeer food magic reindeer food

Reindeer Food Free Christmas Printable

Share this reindeer food with friends or neighbors. You just need some bird seed, some jars and a printable below. Such a fun Christmas neighbor gift, especially for those with kids. 

Step 1: 

Fill Jars with bird seed. Print off printable and tie onto jars. 

Step 2:

Give to friends and neighbors. :)

reindeer food recipes printable

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