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New Testament Bookmarks Come Follow Me 2023 printable

These Come Follow Me bookmarks are for the New Testament Study in 2023 and are free to download. Perfect to accompany your scripture study in 2023

come follow me new testament schedule 2023
I didn't think I'd have time to make more Come Follow Me bookmark schedules but I somehow managed. If you've been around here this past month, you'll notice the design looks pretty similiar to my October LDS Conference Quote printables (free by the way) and make sure you check out my LDS stickers

I couldn't help it; I was absolutely in love with the colors and the flowers I made. Sometimes I make stuff and it's fine, but this time around, I really, really love the design. The colors came together so nicely and flowers are perfect. Well, I'm excited to share these bookmarks. This time I made multiple designs you can print because I couldn't settle on one kind of printable bookmark. Hopefully you'll enjoy the different New Testament bookmark options. 
Also, remember it is free and I'm happy to share it with you. If you print out, please share on social media and tag me @sisterswhat. I love to see how people use what I make, it makes it worth it. 
new testament come follow me bookmark schedule come follow me 2023

new testament come follow me 2023 bookmarks schedule
Are you excited to study the New Testament this next year for Come Follow Me 2023? I can't believe we have come full circle back to when it all started. I'm ready to dive into the New Testament again. 
new testament bookmarks come follow me schedule 2023

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