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How to make easy Polymer Clay Knot Earrings

Learn how to make easy polymer clay earrings using basic clay techniques. These DIY clay knot earrings are quick to make and they make a great handmade gift. 
polymer clay jewelry for beginners
These knot earrings are nothing new, polymer earrings are all the rage right now. So many talented makers out there and for good reason. Clay earrings can be made into all sorts of colors and have a natural feel to them. Making your own version of these polymer clay earrings is so easy to do. No prior skill needed except elemantry snake rolling. 
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About once a month, I like to get all the clay out and we just spend an hour or two just creating. My kids love to mould and shape clay into different things. Working with clay is a great handicraft to expose to kids. It helps develop motor skills and dexterity as well as give them a creative outlet. For older kids, they will love learning to tie knots using clay. You can even show the kids how to make clay beads out of these instead of earrings. After the knot is formed, simple poke a whole into the middle then bake. 
best clay for clay earrings
how to make easy polymer clay knot earrings

Best Types of Polymer Clay for Jewelry

I could write a whole post about the best polymer clay for earrings and jewelry, but you can find an extensive and well written post over at Sarah Maker. But, I can share my own experience and polymer clay preferences. 

Sculpey Souffle 

This is the first I got my hands on. It's soft and pliable. Perfect to work with for kids. For these knotted earrings, it's not my first choice. But, I think it's a good option to try out for beginners or for kids who tend to have weaker hands. It's also a more affordable option, which is good if it's for kids or you just want to play with clay for fun. 

Scupley Premo

This is the one I prefer to work with. It's easy to form, but soft enough to use. This will make forming knots much easier. 

Firmoo Professional

This is the best of the best clay. I've only used it a little bit, but the colors are great to mix. It's very firm with first working with, but then softens as you condition it. 

How to Make Polymer Clay Knot Earrings

Let me break down for you the polymer clay that I prefer to use. Of course, any clay will work for these, but some is easier to work with than others. 


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Step 1: Condition your clay and mix colors

Start with softening your clay. Then, start experimenting and mix your colors you want. To make marble colors, add two snake strings of clay together and roll until they are combined just barely. 

Step 2: Roll out your clay

Get a piece of your color choice and roll it into a thin snake. 

Step 3: Tie into a knot

Take one end, carefully tie into a knot. Cut off and fold the end pieces into the back Watch video for visual example. 

Step 4: Bake

Press a flat spot on the back and place on pan. Bake according to the clay package. 

Step 5: Add earring backings

Using e-6000, glue on the backins and let cure. 

And that's how you make easy polymer clay knot earrings! Easier than you think right?? I hope you enjoyed learning how to make these simple clay earrings. These really are a great gift idea for friends and family and they're quick. 

modern polymer firmoo clay earring tutorial

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