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LDS General Conference April 2023 Quotes

LDS General Conference is full of inspirational messages from leaders of the Latter Day Saints church. The messages are inspired and full of hope and light. Download for free these printable LDS General Conference April 2023 Quotes. Find the 2023 lds conference quotes at bottom of post. And find LDS stickers HERE
lds conference april 2023
For those who are new here and haven't heard of LDS General Conference. It's an inspirational conference that happens twice a year, held by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is not about telling the latter day saints what rules to follow, but teaches hope and principles to live by to be happy. But most importantly, they teach us how important Jesus Christ should be in our life and how to draw closer to him. Through him, we can become stronger and find long lasting happiness. A happiness that we can not find by ourselves. 
printable lds general conference quotes 2023
Like every LDS General Conference, I had a hard time picking quotes. I probably could have made so many more, but my time was short this year. I had to choose the first ones that stood out to me. That is how lds conference should be; a time to listen and feel the ones that speak to each of us personally through the Holy Ghost. 
lds general conference april 2023
However, I will say that my favorite talk was definitely Dieter F. Uchtdorf with my favorite quote being:
 "Daily bread is best prepared and Served at home"
A wonderful reminder to me that home is where I am needed the most right now. It's hard being Mom and home schooling, but it's worth every minute of it. 
dieter f uchtdorf daily breadlds general conference april 2023 dieter f uchtdorf quotes
lds general conference april 2023 quotes dieter f uchtdorf
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LDS General Conference April 2023 Quotes


lds general conference april 2023 quotes

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