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gifts guide for homeschool mom

This fall I put together some of my current finds from that fit a home school life. There are some fun home school shirts, some items for your home school school room and some things for you. 
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simple home school gifts
I've been eyeing some fun home school items and decided I should just place them here to share what I've found with all of you. There are so many fun things that people create for home schoolers. Check some of them out and maybe you'll find some fun home made item to get yourself for Christmas!
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I absolutely adore this vintage style homeschool style nature shirt. It's relaxed and low key. Perfect for home and for nature walks. 
All the subjects included in this sweet Charlotte Mason inspired shirt! So simple and modern. If you know what this shirt means, then you know. 

I love mushrooms, just not to eat. This anatomy of a mushroom shirt is perfect for a rainy day, nature walk or just because you love mushrooms!

This abc flower print would perfect to learn the letters and add some charm to the school room. Also, you can teach some basic flower names as well. 
Again, more mushrooms and these mushroom art prints are soo cute and come in digital form too! Perfect to learn them names with a cute art print. Or send as a card to a friend. 
A great kindness sign to encourage kind acts among the siblings. 

Baskets are for home schooling right? Can you have too many baskets. I love these woven basket pencil holders! Such a fun way to hold your pencils. 
Or this wooden pencil holder would be a great way to organize pencils and crayons as well. 

Tea and poetry is part of all home schooling right?  I love this homemade ceramic mug so much!
And this paint pallette is so fun and perfect for art time. 
Take a break from school and slow down with embroidering something beautiful with these preprinted flower embroidery patterns!
And lastly, don't forget some fun stickers!

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