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Book of Mormon Come Follow me 2024 Schedule Bookmark

Download for free these printable bookmarks for Book of Mormon Come Follow Me 2024 Schedule. Use them as gifts or for your own personal study. 
book of mormon lds youth theme 2024 bookmarks

I can't believe that this will be the 3rd year that I've made bookmarks for the Come Follow Me reading schedule. I honestly wasn't even planning on doing it, but my kids apparently love using them and insisted I make some new ones. I guess I should be complimented that they still like what I make. I hope they'll be useful to others as well. 
come follow me book of mormon 2024 bookmarks
In case you're new to Come Follow me, Come Follow Me is a simple and free curriculum for the study of the scriptures. Even though it is free, it is high quality and made by professional scriptorian. The reason it is free is because the church wants families to have access to the best material to teach their children about God and Jesus at home. I've used alot of curriculum guides for homeschool and this is the best. You can access it digitally or request a physical one from a local unit near you. Let me know if you are interested and I'll help you get one free!

Last year we studied the New Testament, but this year we are studying the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. I can't believe that we are back to it again. Last time we studied it we were in the start of Covid. 
book of mormon come follow me 2024 printable bookmarks
As for the Book of Mormon Come FOllow Me Bookmarks, I planned on only doing one design to keep it simple but I got carried away and ended up with 4. 2 are in full color and the other two are more printer friendly. The schedule is the same for all of them. When you go to print, if you only want one of the designs, just make sure you select in the setting which pages you want to print. If you're doing it double sided, choose the page with the schedule AND the scripture quote. 

The scripture I chose is the LDS Youth Theme for 2024 "I am a Disciple of Jesus Christ" 3 Nephi 5:13. As I've pondered on the choice of the scripture I love it more I think about it. We are all disciples and we can share the light of Christ with all around us. 

I hope you enjoy these bookmarks. If you print them off, please share with me how you use them. Tag me with @sisterswhat 

I highly recommend printing on cardstock and using a laminator to make them last all year

Recommended supplies:

Book of Mormon Come Follow Me 2024 Schedule Bookmarks 

How to print the bookmarks:

These are double sided. I have oriented them in the document so you can just select the two you want. If you want it double sided, select the double sided option AND flip on short edge - this is important so that the schedule and the scripture are facing the right side up. BUT, it's really not terrible if the opposite sides are facing different directions :)
book of mormon 2024 come follow me schedule printable
lds come follow me 2024 bookmarks

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